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Startling him often with animal calls and silent arrows

Fade has never known slavery. She was born into the elven lands of Valenar around Moonshadow and she has ran free all her life. A lithe slip of a lass, she has beauty, but it requires heavy scrutiny for it to be apparent. Blink too fast and you will miss it. She was raised by the Moonbow family as a forest girl. Collecting, hunting, tending to animals. With the raids into the forests of Q'Barra, she would often hone her hunting skills and in a short number of years she thought of herself as a bride of the bow. Married to taunt elm and horsehair twine. She would calm herself in the forests fletching and honing her aim, to avoid the stories of her ancestors and how she should honour their memory in all combat. The Xen'drik slavery and the Last War had little consequence to Fade, yet she understood her elven ways, she yearned for a cleaner more natural lifestyle. Close to life that beat within the worlds fauna and flora.

Growing up, her main companion was a half-brother of sorts, a human who had somehow been born into a mixed racial family. The details of his parentage were always under suspicion and were always covered up like a rogue minding his booty. This human boy adored Fade, and wanted to protect her like a delicate flower. But Fades wanton ways with the forest and the bow would often perplex the boy and he would spend many an hour chasing her to make sure she'd be safe. When all along, she was no more than a few feet away from him. Startling him often with animal calls and silent arrows, knocking honeycombs from treebound nests of stinging bees. The boy was known as Pray. He was a Cleric in training. He had human trainers and yet elven mentors for advice. So the lad was often torn between cultures. Fade helped bridge the gap.

Troubled, he left the safety of his household, and went in search of divine enlightenment. His lust for calming the undead and sending their spirits to rest had him wandering many cities in search of exorcisim duties. He would often write and send a bird back to Fade to keep in touch with her and the families. However, his trials must've become too much for the young lad, for the birds stopped arriving. And Fade began worrying. So her fortunes also led her to cities unkept, and to places of ill repute. Her search is for Pray. Or herself. Stormreach is one such city. And her bow remains waxed and her arrows swift to nock.