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Rasping her tongue against the bow string, to slightly whet the nocking point, Fade's keen eye could sense approaching humans. The air shimmered liked a still rock pool that had just been defiled by rampant pond skaters. Human odour also betrayed their stealthy tricks and tactics. She could visualise the airplay of their bulky forms writhing back and forth, attempting to remain in the shadows. Before her next thought, an arrow whipped from the arched weapon, almost singing as it clipped the shimmer just above his elbow. This winged ruffian dropped his crude dagger to the floor in surprise, and as the pain registered on his face, realised his stealth play was over.

No time for another arrow. Fade whipped her bow updwards and slapped the horned tip against the brigands face

Scooping his iron blade from the floor with his other hand, he made a charge at Fade. No time for another arrow. Fade whipped her bow updwards and slapped the horned tip against the brigands face, it carved a small trough across his already maddened features. She slammed her elbow into the bridge of his nose, sounding a satisfying 'crack', upon which she performed a tumble into the corner of the room and leaped from a crouching position up onto a high stack of crates. In desperation the brigand threw his dagger at her, it lodged moments away from her in the wooden wall behind her. A quick lick of the hair string, and she nocked another arrow. Stumbling forward spraying the floor with facial blood, the hairy rogue managed to claw at her feet before she loosed the feathered stake. He yanked both of her feet suddenly and she fell backwards, hitting her head against the wall and dropping her bow to her side. She kicked one foot free, and tried to pry him off her. But with every movement she made in this prone position, brought him closer to her as he climbed her body like a lizard on an ivy encrusted tree. Fade struggled for her Rapier, but it was splayed out to the side, and she had most of her weight on the scabbard. His hands curled around her neck as his heavy blood saturated body entombed her arms in a heavyweight hold. Gasping for air, as his grip tightened, she spat in his broken face. A last act of defiance. Before the encroaching darkness took her away to peaceful eternal sleep.

He smiled visciously, his teeth jagged with half broken crowns. Blood endlessly gurgling from his mouth and his fat purple nostrils. He was almost laughing at her demise. As his head came cleanly off. A shining gauntlet grasped the twitching neck stump and yanked the decapitated carcass off her. A rather regal gentleman stood before her clad in the most noble suits of armour she had ever seen. "Caldovan, at your service my lady". He winked. And smiled. And turned to swing his sword and cull another of these rogues in the process of silently creeping up on him.

Fade grabbed at her bow to steady herself. She used it as a crutch to heave her gasping body back up onto the crate. A burst of flame spouted from the left, she only just caught it in her peripheral vision. She crouched instinctively to avoid being singed. "Saphina, at your service sister". A small halfling sorceress grinned at her momentarily, before focussing on controlling more flames exuding from her slight but nimble fingers. Fade felt she was amongst friends, ones who could protect her, so she smiled inwardly, and licked her bow string before letting loose a hail of arrows.