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SFG logo smallAACW - Shiloh Turn 4

Turn 4

Apart from continued defense, not a lot has happened this turn.

Crittenden has led his Left Wing Corps of the Army of Ohio (AoO) across the river Tennessee at Savannah and is now gathering his men up ready for the next move. In this game, I didn't really check the Power ratings on the two Wings of the AoO, but Thomas' Right Wing has more clout to it than Crittenden - I forget the exact magnitude  - but its something like Thomas 800 and Crittenden 600. If I'd have known about the Power rating I'd have probably chosen Thomas to go down the river assault route, however Crittenden hasn't done badly. Out of all the Corps he's been the one most mobile, slipping through the gaps of the enemy's movements.

Shiloh - Turn 4 - Crittenden in Purdy

Fort Donelson is still besieged and the Rebels have destroyed the railway infrastructure around the area, presumably because they oversaw the arrival of Thomas' Right Wing Corps of the AoO by rail last turn!

Shiloh - Turn 4  - Beauregards Siege of Fort Donelson

Lastly Crittenden sets up the plans to take Corinth, but for some reason it seems as if it will take 20 days to get to Corinth from Purdy, so he's not going to make it next turn, it will be the turn after. It must be the forest terrain, or perhaps an unlucky movement penalty down to his Strategic rating, or even supply? I'm not sure of the reasons to be honest.

Shiloh - Turn 4 - Crittenden plans to move into Corinth

I send him in defensively to besiege the town for a turn or two, before he attempts an assault. Lets hope Crittenden and his men have the minerals to take Corinth in a turn or a fews time. A lot is resting on the outcome.