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SFG logo smallAACW - Shiloh Turn 3

Turn 3

As we witness the resolution of Turn 2, a dramatic series of events unfold highlighted by the move of the Army of Misissippi into Stewart and begins  a siege of Fort Donelson. Humboldt is also still under siege pinning McClernand's Corps in defense and out of supply. The enemy is truly at our gates.

Shiloh - Turn 3 - Map

Around Humboldt you can see that General Leonidas Polk's Command with General John A. Wharton in tow is hammering away at our entrenched troops.

Shiloh - Turn 3 - McClernand's Defense

Around Fort Donelson General Beauregard has a sizeable force holding the place to randsom. Grant holed up in Fort Henry looks very concerned.

Shiloh - Turn 3 - Beauregard sieges Fort Donalson

On the Southern front, Crittenden's Left Wing Corps has eventually negotiated the mountains in Perry and has secured the town of Savannah. For the next turn I plan to push him forward across the bridge into Purdy bordering Corinth - one of the objective towns.

Shiloh - Turn 3 - Crittendens Advance

In desperation, planning for the next turn, I decide to pack up Thomas' Right Wing Corps into trains and transport them as soon as possible to Henry to help in the defense of Fort Bragg if necessary. Perhaps later they can attempt to dislodge Beauregards troops from Fort Donelson?

Even though its difficult to make out on this screenshot (I think I hadn't clicked the appropriate icon to show the route taken) you can see the small train track icon circles detailing the days in travel time for Thomas' Corps. With 2 days through Montgomery and 3 days through Humphreys, finally taking 13 days to land in Henry itself. If it were not for the rail-links between Nashville and Humphreys I'm not sure I would have been able to get Thomas  over there within the 15 days span of a single turn.

Shiloh - Turn 3 - Train Thomas into Henry

The final 10 days will be spent getting across the river and marching into Henry itself.

You can tell I've been shaken by the close proximity of such a large enemy force, so my last ditch attempt to claw back some defense is to pull my Gun boats back into the waters around Fort Donelson. I have no idea if this actually does anything, but it acts like a soothing charm for myself, just to imagine GUN BOATS floating near to the enemy. Perhaps I can bombard the fort if its taken?

Shiloh - Turn 3 - Pull Gun Boats Back

Can Fort Donelson survive the onslaught? Will Grant be able to hold out until Thomas arrives to  help? All my attention seems to be focussed on defense at the moment, and we're now on Turn 3. My only offense is Crittenden's push South West eyeing up Corinth.

I try to add more replacements,  but every letter I slot results in my finances/war supplies going in the red, so I remove the replacements and figure it's time I fought with what I've got.