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SFG logo smallAACW - Shiloh Turn 2

Turn 2

The siege on Humboldt continues, although oddly enough the main body of the Army of Mississippi (AoM) has moved Northwards. Nashville is secure under the watchful eye of Thomas' Right Wing Corps. Crittenden's march South seems to have been uneventful. Decaturville holds strong with Wallace's Corps in place.

Shiloh - Turn 2 - Map

With the main AoM off Northwards to cause trouble elsewhere, McClernand's Corps now only faces General N. Forrest (*) and General P. Beauregard's Command. The siege continues.

Shiloh - Turn 2 - McClernand's Defense of Humboldt

My concerns now lie outside of Humboldt, and more with the Northern advance of General Johnston's AoM. They swept through and captured Columbus and are now on the Northern region threatening Henry and the Army of the Tenessee headquarters at Ft Henry, as well as the small militia stationed at Fort Donelson. Johnston has two Corps attached to him in the area, General Hardee and General Brekinridge.

Shiloh - Turn 2 - Army of Mississippi Sweep North

Given what General Grant has at his disposal currently I'm worried he won't be able to hold them off if they decide to assault Ft Henry. Unless the attached Corp can come to his aid - I'm guessing only Wallace's Corps could support Grant, because McClernand is barricaded into Humboldt and would have to fight his way out.

Shiloh - Turn 2 - Grant in Henry

As you can see Grant only has an Aide de Camp and a small reserve.

The Left Wing Corps of the Army of Ohio (AoO) led by Crittenden has made good progress south along the riverĀ  and now plans to push ahead and take Savannah in the region Hardin. Savannah controls a road/bridge across the river and into Purdey on the western bank. This would facilitate a path through to aid the Army of the Tenessee (AotT).

Shiloh - Turn 2 - Crittenden plans to Advance

I think about replacements before I run the next turn, and look through and see the unit types where I have no replacements at all. I think I should throw in a few requests to cover all types - with the AoM threatening my HQ I'm getting kind of twitchy about being able to maintain combat. I order a Light Artillery, a Heavy Artillery, two Supply Trains and two Service Assets (although I don't really know what these are!).

Shiloh - Turn 2  - Replacements

At the end of this turn, I'm a bit unnerved by the swift flanking North of the AoM and the way they seem to be making a bee-line for my HQ at Henry. Perhaps I'm being overly cautious, with Wallace's Corps sat up in Decaturville and Thomas' Right Wing Corps sat in Nashville? Lets see what move the AoM make...