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#sugarfreegamer is a domain where I get to share things that matter to me.

Primarily setup in 2009, as a repository for my interests and writings, it took on a positive spin identity when I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, and thus became a self-titled sugar free gamer.

It underwent a metamorphosis of sorts, from strategy gaming to computer based wargaming, and was cast as a place to catch After Action Reports (AAR), detailing the mechanics and decision making process when playing these historical wargames.

As I've broadened my gaming tastes and have pursued even more esoteric niches such as roguelikes or JRPG's I've been able to include these in the site as my enthusings. Anything of interest in or outside of videogaming that doesn't fit into a effervescent fan piece or a review or an AAR, has been deemed a musing.

The latest re-design of the site, and migration over to the Neocities.org platform, could be considered an ethical rewire of how my information is imparted to the user; faster, cleaner, simpler, without the taint of slow layered modernity.

Enjoy the Info.

Join me in the adventure, if you have time.