Zulus on the Ramparts! AAR – Part 6

And so we finally stumble back into the conflict between the 24th Regiment of Foot and the brave Zulu Warriors at Rorke’s Drift, 1879.

Turn 21

Impi: The proud Chest expands and moves 1 space forward. The Zulu ibutho tries once again to break the will of the British, their tribal chanting reaching fever pitch as they breach the Inner Barricade!

Action: I play the “Volley Fire; Present, Fire!” card and focus the fire close and squarely on the advancing Chest!

I roll the 3 dice (4, 1, 1) and they all miss! A bad batch of ammo, has the rounds packets fall apart in the chambers and many of the men misfire!

Free Action: I Discard Chard to gain +2 Actions. Chard steps forth and rallies his troops into further action, pushing them beyond their limits.

I play the “Volley Fire” from Bromhead, aiming close on the Chest. Lt. Bromhead orders a rapid Volley Fire, so vehement the call, that his spittle sprays across the front rank’s helmets.

I roll 4 dice (6, 5, 5, 4) and this time the volley hits heavy and true.  Producing 1 solid hit and 2 Retreats. Bromhead is discarded.

The Chest’s (uThulwana) strength is reduced by 1 leaving them (4/5) and it retreats two spaces, back to the Hospital!

The force loosed with the volley hits home shredding and maiming the closest Zulu warriors. So heavy a hit, the Zulu’s are truly diminished and they stagger shocked back to the Hospital for refuge.


I draw Private Hook.


Put forth Hookie! Private Hook steels himself, and moves forward to the barricade. His face a contorted grimace of determination.


Turn 22


Impi:  The determined Chest move forward again 1 space. After a hurried regroup in the Hospital the Chest begin their next push forward re-takingthe Outer Barricade.

Action: I play the “Volley Fire; Present, Fire!” card and fire close on the Chest. Spying the Zulu ibutho collect itself and resume the advance, climbing the Outer Barricade, the men are ordered to let loose another Volley of Fire.

I roll 3 dice  (6, 4, 2) leading to a single hit. The Chest’s strength is decreased by 1 (3/5). A number of Zulu’s go down as a result of the onslaught, but they are not staggered this time, they manage to hold.

Draw:  Luckily, I draw another “Volley Fire; Present, Fire!” card! Another box of ammo arrives and is quickly passed around the men. 

Hero: No action taken.


Turn 23

Impi: The Zulu’s command an encircling move by both Horns by 2 spaces. However the Chest stalled in the Outer Barricade is blocking any further movement forward by the Horns. The ibutho on the Horns are eager to get into the fight, but the belligerence of the Chest has hampered their progress. There are simply too many Zulu’s trying to get into the Outer Barricade!



Action: I play the “Volley Fire; Present, Fire!” card once again at close range on the Chest. Choking in the dust and the smoke, the regiment line up their Martini-Henry rifles once again for another desperate Volley.

I roll 3 dice (6, 2, 2) resulting in a single hit. The Chest loses another chunk of its strength (2/5). Yet more of the Chest fall, as they clamber over the Outer Barricade attempting to gain ground and retake the Inner Barricade.

Draw: I draw the card “Independent Fire at Will”. The men are becoming very tired and their nerves have been run ragged. 

Hero: None.



Impi: I draw a “Building on Fire” token, but with one building on fire already I roll 4 which has no effect. The flames licking the sides of the storehouse are fanned slightly, but luckily nothing else catches.

Action: I play another “Volley Fire; Present. Fire!” card close at the Chest. Wearily, the men reload and loose another Volley, the dust of battle  and the smoke from their guns obscuring most of the Zulus in front of them. They fire blindly into the maelstrom!

I roll  3 dice (5, 4, 1) less successfully and only manage to force a single retreat. The Chest survive this volley without major casualty, but their cautiousness has caused them to pull out of the Outer Barricade temporarily.

Draw: I draw the “Steady Lads Steady” card. Colour Seargeant Bourne paces behind the men, and steadies their nerves with his calm instructions.

Hero: None.


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