Zulus on the Ramparts! AAR – Part 5

Its been a number of months since I managed to post on this boardgame AAR, so we join the lads at Rorke’s Drift on Turn 17.

Turn 17

Impi: Prince Dabulamanzi is drawn, where you roll a single die, and the result leads to that number of previously drawn randomly selected Impi counters going back into the draw pot. I roll a 3. I randomly choose three counters, and return two “Chest Move 1” counters and a “Loin Move 3” counter to the pot. Prince Dabulamanzi addresses the Zulu Warriors and inspires their stamina for the fight. The Zulu’s will battle even longer this day.

Action: I play “Hark the Orders”, aiming a medium range volley onto the Loins with 2 dice in the attack.

I roll (5, 5) which confers two Retreats! The Loins are pushed back even further! A blistering round of fire whistles past many of the Zulus in the Loins, causing them to flee to safety further out into the surround grasslands.

Draw: I draw the “Volley Fire; Present, Fire!” card.

Hero: I preform no Heroic Actions this turn.


Turn 18


Impi: I draw a Chest move forward 2 counter. Once again the pressure is on, with the Zulu’s close inside the compound. The Chest funnel through the hospital once again and congregate menacingly within the Outer Perimeter.



Action: I play the “Volley Fire by Ranks” card at close range on the Chest, this affords me a total of five dice in the roll! The troops now have the low ammo -1 DRM applied.

I roll (5, 5, 1, 1, 1) leading to two retreats! At close range, the cacophony of noise from a Volley shakes the Zulu Chest enough to force them to retreat back out the way they had come.



Draw: I draw “Corporal Schiess”. Corporal Schiess rushes out to help the men, and any wounded.

Hero: I put forth Corporal Schiess.


Turn 19


Impi: Luck is not with us today, I draw the “All Move Foward 1” Impi token. All Zulu’s encroach on the Drift. A loud warcry is sounded, hollow and menacing. The Zulu abutho begin their crawl forward in unison. The British lads don’t know where to look, all around them a sea of darkness rolls in.

Action: I use Lt. Bromhead to distribute Ammo to the lads. Bromhead hands out packets of Ammo and barks “Now don’t use it all at once, chaps!”


Draw: I draw “Volley Fire; Present, Fire!” card! Perhaps my luck is holding out? The lads eagerly load up their Martini-Henry rifles, tearing off the paper packaging with their teeth. As long as their Ammo holds out, they have a hope of holding these savage Warrior’s back.

Hero: I put forward Lt Bromhead. Bromhead finishes up, and takes up his position at the side of the front line. He brandishes his pistol in readiness.


Turn 20


Impi: The tension increases as I draw a “Chest Moves 2 forward” token. The Chest has now almost breached the Inner Perimeter, they are currently harassing the troops from the Inner Barricade! It could all be over here. Spearpoints stab across the Inner Barricade wall, slicing and cutting at the mealie bag cloth. The chanting hum just beyond the makeshift wall signifies the close proximity of the Zulu Chest. The lads stab back with their bayonets in defiance.



Action: I quickly lay down the “Volley Fire; Present, Fire!” card and order a close volley on the Chest!

I roll (5, 3, 1) resulting in a single retreat. The Chest are thankfully forced back into the Outer Perimeter. Still a threat, but now bottle-necking the other Zulu’s path inwards. The smoke filled heavy volley directed just above the Inner Barricade has the desired effect of checking the Zulu final push forward and coaxing the Chest to stagger back momentarily.



Draw: I draw “Sgt Windridge”. Sgt Windridge paces behind the front line, calming the boys.

Hero: I put forth Sgt Windridge. Windridge readies his own rifle. With determination he yells out “They are NOT getting in here, lads!”


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3 thoughts on “Zulus on the Ramparts! AAR – Part 5

  1. I plastered my Fighting Formations VASSAL up on my blog, also I got Rommel Field Commander. If you want to play anything on VASSAL let me know via blog contact. I also got Front Line DDAY cardgame and others. I want to get the Barbarossa game by the same company did that Zulu

  2. But how did it turn out? 🙂

    Just ordered this one – I’m googling and watching ‘Zulu’ in anticipation!

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