Zulus on the Ramparts! AAR – Part 3

Continuing the Zulu Siege, we pick it up at Turn 9.

Turn 9

Impi: Washing of the Spears. All Zulu formations would stop in their tracks, and the closest one would retreat 1 square back. After the Zulu ibutho made a kill in battle, they would stop an perform a ceremony of ritual purification by washing their spears in the blood of their enemy.

Action: Chard continues to erect a barricade, it is now 2/3 complete. Lt Chard pushes the men harder to get those barricades built, more mealie bags are wheeled out of the burning storehouse.

Draw: “Ready, En Garde” card.

Hero: No heroic action this turn.


Turn 10

Impi: Left Horn moves 2 spaces forward. The cautious ibutho on the Left Horn advance towards the North Wall, the blazing Storehouse roof silhouetting British troops for attack.

Action: Chard completes the Barricade and is placed back into my hand. The Zulu Victory marker is moved another space back along the track onto the final redoubt – this is as far back as it can go. Lt Chard finally finishes the Barricade and checks that it is sturdy and steadfast. This is a final redoubt, the last stand we make here at Rorke’s Drift. If they get beyond this, we are all lost.

Draw: Draw a “Mark your target” card.

Hero: No heroic action this turn.


Turn 11

Impi: Zulu Snipers! All British Volley’s will have a -1 DRM due to harassing fire from Zulu Snipers. As a bullet whistles past Lt Chards helmet, he turns and catches sight of several Zulu Snipers perched on the adjacent mountainside, taking pot shots at the British troops down below. Sgt Bourne bellows “Keep your heads down lads, they’re practising with our rifles over yonder!”.


Action: Play the “Volley Fire by Rank” card on the Right Horn at close range firing into the burning storehouse. The card affords us 5 dice in the attack. Sgt Bourne orders the lads to line up, and aim into and around the burning storehouse. The air becomes thick with Martini-Henry rifle smoke and the storehouse is peppered with shot.

I roll (5, 4, 4, 3, 2), but the 5 is reduced to a 4 with the -1 DRM in effect due to Zulu Snipers. However, inside a burning building if a unit takes fire, a 4 is considered a retreat. So the volley actually results in 3 retreats being applied. The wall of fire from the British Volley cuts deep into the Zulu’s appearing out of the storehouse, so much so that the Zulu’s pull back in retreat and keep going until they are a safe distance away.

With the expenditure of Ammo in the Volley, we now have a low ammo/water -1 DRM in force for the next turn.

Draw: Draw Surgeon Reynolds.

Hero: Put forth Lt Chard. Lt Chard steps up to command once again, rallying troops around him.


Turn 12

Impi: Loins move 3 squares forward!!! The fearless and eager Loins thrust forward with all their might and enter the Inner Barricades, deep into the British camp.

Once more we are on the brink of defeat, with the Loins tauntingly close.

Action: Play the “Ready, En Garde!” card. This close range melee attack affords us 4 dice. Sgt Bourne barks out the order to charge with bayonets flashing. The British swell forward and lunge and thrust at the Zulu Loins.

I roll (6, 5, 4, 2) but the 6 is adjusted down to 5 with the -1 DRM in force. So we are left with 2 retreats to be applied to the Loins. Once again the British spirit manages to overcome the young Zulu warriors and force them to pull back into the Kraal temporarily.

Draw: “Independent fire at will” card.

Hero: Put forth Surgeon Reynolds. The burly surgeon rushes to the aid of the men down.


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