Zulus on the Ramparts! AAR – Part 2

Continuing the Zulu siege at Rorke’s Drift, we pick up the action at Turn 5.

Turn 5

Impi: “inDluyengwe Forward” commands the Loins to advance 2 forward. The impetuous younger unmarried ibutho of the inDluyengwe want to prove themselves so they charge forward against Zulu doctrine of not assaulting heavily defended British positions.

This has me in a panic, the Zulu’s are now 1 square away from Victory! I need to do something pretty drastic to make sure they don’t stay so close for next turn’s Impi draw.

Action: Lt Bromhead orders a volley at close range at the Loins in the Outer Perimeter. This affords us 4 dice in the attack, however we lose Bromhead to the discard pile in the process! I have no other choice, I need to get plenty of dice in this volley. Lt Bromhead sees the immediate threat and steps forward decisively to take command of a small section, they form up in two ranks, front rank on their knees. Four volley’s are loosed, “Front Rank… FIRE!”, “Rear Rank… FIRE!”, with the soldiers advancing upon the perimeter interleaving and reloading as they do so. Lt Bromhead calls the volley again, and is hit in the shoulder by an errant assegai. He falls to the floor, and is dragged back to the hospital by an orderly.

Four dice are rolled, I score (4, 5, 4, 1), with the 5 signifying a retreat of 1 space. The swift volley and concentration of fire pushed the Zulu’s of the Loin back into the Kraal.

The Volley cost a large expenditure of ammunition, so we are now in a low ammo state, the -1 Dice Roll Modifier (DRM) is now in place.

Draw: I draw “Fix Bayonets” close combat card.

Hero: Put forth Commissary Dalton. Commissary Dalton steps forward, after carrying Lt Bromhead to the sick bay.



Turn 6

Impi: Chest advances one square forward. Troops in the hospital begin stirring as they hear the rhythmic pounding of Zulu feet and spear on shield, outside the windows.

Action: Lt Chard takes care of the Ammo situation. Lt Chard organises a party to distribute Ammo and Water to the men.

Draw: Colour Sergeant Bourne is called up.

Hero: Put forth Colour Sergeant Bourne. Sgt Bourne disciplines the troops in readiness for the next wave of attacks.

With Sgt Bourne available, he exerts a constant heroic ability that negates the 5 card limit of your hand. So effectively you can have an unlimited hand size as long as he is put forth and made available.


Turn 7

Impi: Loins move 1 square forward. After the taste of blood, they are eager to retake the ground lost, the Loins push themselves back into the Outer Perimeter!

Another desperate situation arises, with the Zulu’s once again knocking on the door of Victory, but a single square away.

Action: I play the “Fix Bayonets” card.  Inducing a close range melee attack on the Loins in the Outer Perimeter.  This affords me 4 dice in the attack. Colour Sergeant Bourne commands “Fix Bayonets!”, and with a determined grunt, pushes forward into hand to hand combat. “Stick it to them lads!”

I roll (6, 5, 2, 2). Resulting in a HIT! and a Retreat! Nice. The Loins lose a strength point, and the marker is relegated to the Zulu Casualties box. They are forced back a square. Parrying and thrusting, the men manage to inflict severe casualties, and use British brute force to muscle the Zulu’s back into the Kraal, for a second time!


Draw: Draw the card “Pot that Chap!”

Hero: Put forth Lt Chard. Lt Chard manages to catch a break from his organisational duties, to get back to the front and resume command.


Turn 8

Impi: Right Horn make a play 1 square forward. Attracted by the flames licking at the roof of the Storehouse the Right Horn cautiously move forward through the long grass.

Action: Lt Chard begins building more barricades. The barricade is now 1/3 complete, and Chard is unavailable. With a lull in the attacks, Lt Chard takes command of a building detail, and gets them to begin work building a set of barricades around the final redoubt.

Draw: Luckily I draw the “Volley Fire by Ranks” card.

Hero: I put forth Lieutenant Adendorff. Adendorff steps forward to take a position at the front of the action.


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  1. Hahaha. You really are quite fascinated with that whole Zulu thing, eh? Makes for fun reading though, especially with something as fresh as an AAR of a boardgame. Loving it!

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