ZED invasion!

Blendo games releases a new indie strategy game, Atom Zombie Smasher!

The ZED are coming!

This game of emergency evacuation of the panicked population is very stylishly put together and cleverly weaves planning and timing into a game of strategic use of the “salvation tools” available, like your rescue helicopter, a sniper team, an artillery barrage, mines and roadblocks to name a few. Plan it all out, and then watch the maroon invasion of the ZED as you desperately co-ordinate windows of time and gaps in the city streets to collect as many screaming civilians as you can.

Theres a higher campaign, where you are actively competing against the ZED in a survival ladder and if you can eliminate all the ZED in a sector you control it and get survival points added every round. Keep up the good work and you might just be able to stave off the purple death-o-meter.

Top notch presentation, excellent price, for a twisted take on a reverse tower defense game, perhaps a new genre is in the making, a rescue defense game? Stop reading, just buy it.

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Ian Bowes / spelk