WtP:Slag om Nederland – Turn 7

In the penultimate turn, things don’t look good at all. Both pincer movements have run into trouble, with the SS-Verf├╝gungstruppe (SSVT) struggling with supply and coverage, and the rolling steel panzers scuppered by a single bridge outside of Meordijk. The rest of my infantry is embroiled in a marshland tussle that doesn’t seem to be gaining or losing ground at all.

The inundation of the Polderland, whilst innovative as a defensive measure, seems to have been unecessary, because the Dutch resistance’s push forward to meet my lines was so successful.

The SS-Verf├╝gungstruppe (SSVT) and the SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (SSAH) have pushed as far forward as they could through Amsterdam onto Haarlem and using an engineer unit to hold Amsterdam whilst they try a two pronged movement southwards in a desperate attempt to secure Leiden.

Supply is choked against the coastline at the top of the marshland line, with a slow exertion southwards to force the Dutch coming up from Utrect back to where they came from.

The secure rear of Arnhem and Nijmegen finally makes a slight push forward but its all too little, too late. The 207th and 208th forcing themselves across the river past Wageningen. Withthe 254th tentatively shoving westwards under Tiel.

The late arrivers, the 526th Infantry zip down the rail lines towards S’Hertogenbosch.

Finally the biggest disappointment, and greatest shame to myself, is the 9th Panzer. Stuck at a crumbled bridge without a hope of traversing the river beyond Moerdijk. Their speed and brutal power nutered at a crucial chokepoint that I negelected to secure prior to their arrival. The Engineers have made it over the river, but haven’t got the Engineer points to make the fix this turn. I fear it is too late in the offensive to get the panzers rolling again. Cunning sabotage of their watery crossings has defused my attack and the steel beasts have been caged.

The 9th Panzers supply is also in jeopardy, due to rogue motocycle troops making headway into my undefended rear and pose a threat to the captured Tilburg. The 56th, caught in their headlights making a play northwards to attempt to widen the supply lines, totally miss judges the Huzaren Motorcycle troops powersliding beneath them.

What now, for the final turn? Well, I doubt the panzers will get across the bridge, and I can’t see my SS troops making their goals without coming up again more defensive Dutch resistance. So, we’ll attempt some sort of clamour for points, but it looks like its all over for the German invasion.

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