WtP: Slag om Nederland – Turn 6

I’m getting a bad feeling about this. On most fronts my offensive push has stalled. My top and middle are locked in a “line against line” push along the marshes. The rolling steel of my Panzers in the South have been choked to a halt by a sabotaged bridge that can’t be crossed. Only the Northern most motorised SS troops skirting the coastal perimeter have managed to make any progress and secure Amsterdam.

The SS-Verfügungstruppe (SSVT) continued on from Naarden to capture the port of Amsterdam, closely followed by  the SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (SSAH). If I can make these sort of jumps forward, then taking the VP cities behind Utrecht should be doable. However, maintaining a line of supply through the coastal bottleneck is going to be very difficult to manage.

The troops wallowing in the marshlands trying to push the Dutch resistance backwards are just not making the ground, even with the 207th Infantry probing as forward as they can get towards Utrecht. A solid cluster of defense exists around the Utrecht crossroads, and they seem to have the north and rear covered with enough troops to prevent  a breakthrough.

The front pushing ever so slowly west from the Arnhem/Nijmegen saftey zone attempts a breakout, but hasn’t got the momentum nor the troops numbers to be successful. It becomes log jammed in an interlocking series of bulges that trade blows as time goes by, but ultimately fights its way to a standstill.

My biggest disappointment is the lack of progress made with my 9th Panzers, engines revving, with nowhere to go. The blown bridge outside of Moerdijk cannot be passed, theres just no way to wade these machines of death through the river. I have an engineer on its way, but it could arrive too late. My supply lines are stretched paper thin, and the troops amassing at the river line are feeling the pinch.

I simply have to get my engineers to rebuild the bridge, otherwise my push northwards has failed completely. With only one arm of my envelopment plan in place, the envelopment itself simply cannot happen. How did I not see this coming? With the polderlands flooded, that bridge towards Dordrecht becomes the most important bridge in the Netherlands. And it is currently impassable rubble.

4 thoughts on “WtP: Slag om Nederland – Turn 6

  1. hi mr. spelk, your aar made me reaplay this scenario. comparing to your approach i made some things differently:

    my push forward was comparable to your but i think i did take better care of ennemy forces threatening my lines of supply: each of my infantry units was used to fight ennemy infantry and pushing them back and away of my lines of advance. using the support of the luftwaffe my infantry got favorable results in one on one battles.

    with the help of luftwaffe and artillery the germans were advancing on all thre areas: south, north and middle. i think your defensive stance in the middle made the dutch counter offensive possible. it would be better to press them hard everywhere, so they have to commit their reserves and handing over the initiative to you.

    even though you are the attacker you were forced again and again to react to situations. better keep the initiative and make him run.

    nice read

  2. I think its safe to say, my use of the Luftwaffe throughout this campaign has been less than co-ordinated. I’ve really only used it to “mop up” stragglers in combination with the rear guard. I think perhaps I should have used them pro-actively in softening up the front lines of the Dutch resistance. Using them only for clear up seems to be a really ineffective method in hindsight.

  3. i always use air units to soften up defenders before attack. as an addition to an artillery attack or instead of artillery. the luftwaffe is good at reducing dig in levels and some are really good at killing armor.

    using them on units you won’t attack is probably a waste. in this and the polish scenario the key point for the germans is speed. so you’ll need a lot of artillery and airstrikes to make breakthroughs.

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