WtP: Slag om Nederland – Turn 5

Turn 5 is upon us. The 15th May 1940. Time is running out. To win, I have to overrun the Netherlands by the 18th May 1940!

The Dutch are not only putting up a sound defence, but they’re also counter attacking in any nook and cranny I have left open by my advance. It seems every inch of progress made, is overshadowed by some small pocket of resistance teaming into the gaps between and making  a bee-line for the chance to cut my supply.

The German center is solid, with Arnhem and Nijmegen safe. However, this comes at the cost of little or not advance made in the center.

The envelopment planned from the very beginning is just starting to happen, but not with the amount of troops I had hoped for. The SSVT haven’t got any support directly behind them as they push on to take Amsterdam. The 9th Panzers are now storming ahead, but the infantry are lagging seriously behind them.

The SS-Verfügungstruppe (SSVT) motorised infantry have managed to secure Hilversum and its associated Victory Points (VP), with a lone vanguard powering on to take Naarden as well. A double kill, if you will. However, we still have a unit of the SSVT held back at the Marshland/Grebbeline holding back the Dutch 8th Infantry, as well as forming the neck of a stranglehold against the now enveloped Dutch 7th and Huzaran Motorcycle troops. The SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (SSAH) have also stayed back to exert their push in the envelopment. I’m sensing this might have been a mistake, but with so many Dutch limbs pushing forward to disrupt my supply lines, you start to get hungry for kills and the resulting protection of the back lines.

The 207th have pushed forward across the marshes west of Otterlo in the vain hope of stemming the probing fingers of the Dutch resistance from delving any deeper eastwards.

Theres a sense of pride that comes with the defense of the center, namely my protective line of the 207th, 208th, 254th and the 225th. Both Arnhem and Nijmegen are safe and sound and given time I think we can push the line forward suffocating the Dutch moving southwards from Utrecht. However, we haven’t got time. With at least 4 divisions tied up in my center, its starting to look like I’ve neglected my duty to push hard and fast.

Bringing up the rear, the 20th infantry have only just started to march into Arnhem at this late stage in the offensive. I fear my overly defensive hold on Arnhem will come back to bite me in a turn or two.

Good progress has been made by the 9th Panzers, they rolled out of Tilburg and into Breda with ease. The 256th Infantry shifting into Tilburg to hold the place, entrenching in the warm track prints of the Panzers.

Yet again, two Dutch Light divisions have forged eastwards threatening my supply lines across to the Panzers. Also, around Breda, we have what appears to be two units trying to flank the Panzers. A small contingent of the Huzaren Motorridjers and the Groep Kill infantry detachment. The speedy motorcylists may have come in from directly west, rather than from the north but they do indeed pose a supply line threat to the momentum of my Panzers.

Next turn, I plan to roll the tanks forward to take the town of Moerdijk, and try to get an engineer to fix the bridge out the far side of the town. That bridge could be crucial in choking my Panzer movement upwards and into Dordrecht and beyond.

2 thoughts on “WtP: Slag om Nederland – Turn 5

  1. Unless the Dutch run out of steam at the Waterlinie and you get a breakthrough you’ll run out of time here. Action card time?

    Historically the Germans dropped tons of para’s on important targets in the rear. They even fought a hard battle against Dutch marines and police at the important bridges in Rotterdam when nazi troops used seaplanes to land in the river there.

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