WtP: Slag om Nederland – Turn 2

Turn 2’s theme is about solidifying the center and pushing forward with the two arms of the pincer envelopement.

Although I didn’t notice it straight away during my “bottom up” micro-management, the Dutch had played their Waterline Action card, and were able to inundate the polderlands to the west of Utrecht – effectively setting up a second defensive line of water logged marshland (known as the Dutch Water Line). This will seriously hamper any central push to the west, but will hopefully not have too much of an impact on my envelopment plan.

Making swift progress towards Appledoorn, the SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (SSAH) has powered forward to the outskirts of the town, meeting up with some resistance – this may slow their northern breach of the frontal defense of the marshlands (I believe its called the Grebbe Line).

The 254th Infantry are holding Nijmegen, with half the corps entrenching and the others probing forward across the river Raan. Pushing against the Dutch Brigade’s A & B to the North of the city.

We also see the push forward of the SS-Verfügungstruppe (SSVT) towards Otterlo – essentially my back up plan if I cannot secure the envelopment – my eye was drawn to the weak point in the marshlands line where the road from Otterlo heads west. The bridge is out there, so my SSVT have an accompanying Engineer to rebuild the bridge and open up a road to assault Utrecht if needs be.

The SS-Der Fuhrer (SSDF) is entrenching in Arnehm to prevent any counterattacks from the Dutch center disrupting my lines of supply.

The 256th Infantry division provide support for the 9th Panzer column around Mil.

Sadly, the 9th Panzer were held up at Mil, crossing the Raan – since our closest Engineer unit was to the South – it seemed prudent to clear the resistance before crossing in the hope that the Engineers could get to the bridge in time. It seems like my oversight of not ensuring an accompanying Engineer unit with the 9th Panzer has already started to affect their ability to Blitzkreig. The 9th Panzer’s sights are firmly focussed on the road to Tilburg.

Finally the 56th Infantry Corps are moving slowly towards Eindhoven, but to their North a Dutch push east seems to be playing out, cutting their supply lines so soon in their march.

It seems my Blitzkreig South has stalled somewhat, in the next turn, I’m hoping to get that moving again, and to quosh the Dutch push eastwards once my Panzers get rolling again.

6 thoughts on “WtP: Slag om Nederland – Turn 2

  1. Great LP and very entertaining to read. Especially as a Dutch citizen. 😉

    PS: The Grebbe Line was the scene of the single largest landbattle fought between the Netherlands and Nazi Germany. It ended with the bombing of Rotterdam and the subsequent surrender of the Netherlands. Nazi Germany would’ve won at the Grebbe line but they suffered quite some losses. The SS also showed its nature by commiting a number of war crimes, including using POW’s as human shields and executing POW’s.

  2. Trash, thanks for your comments and clarification. I don’t pretend to know a great deal about the conflict in the Netherlands, in fact my interest has been piqued by this game and its a great interactive way to get to know some of the lesser known but much more interesting battles during the Second World War.

    I was particularly impressed with the flooding of the polderland as a defensive measure, and in my game this seems to have really messed up the movement in the centre.

    As a Dutch citizen, any further insight into the conflict you could add, would be most welcome.

  3. Well, if there is an action card named ‘bombing Rotterdam’ should historically net you victory. 😉

    Otherwise you might want to avoid dropping paratroopers on Dutch (military) airfields and bridges. The Germans did it back in the day after the flooding and most operations failed. The Dutch even managed to ship about 2000 falschirmjager they took as POW’s to Britain. Otherwise, the Dutch defenses crumbled quickly. Just blitz through the as fast as possible. Germany did the same.

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