I sometimes enjoy creating written pieces, usually centered around roleplaying, here are some of my works gone by..

Androse The Giant

A creative piece I wrote about my elven bow-maiden, Fade and her encounter with a Giant Guardian of the Forest named Androse. It was set in a fictional fantasy world of my own making, but with visual backdrops taken from screenshots purloined from Lord of the Rings Online. I began the piece by wanting to do something along the lines of Rashamon, where the different perspectives of the characters were presented and contrasted, so Androse thought Fade was a blight on the forest, and Fade’s survival was being hampered by Androse’s Guardian/Protector role. Originally included as three separate parts in the Legends Guild Magazine, I collated the parts together into a single PDF file. The styling of the third part is different to the previous two, because I finished graphics off instead of the previous editor of the Legends Magazine, but I wanted to complete the tale in pictures.

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