Unity of Command: Voronezh – Turn 5

The German war machine readies itself for the final assault.

Here is the Video AAR of the Unity of Command Voronezh Scenario Turn 5.

Our supply situation is looking sufficient enough to support both offensives on the cities, Voronezh and Liski. Broadening the front last turn has allowed supply from the main road into Voronezh to “leak” into the surround areas in the South.

After stalling the attack in the South, to pull back troops for re-supply, they are now ready to resume the advance. I quickly push these troops forward, and coupled with relentless air attacks around the city of Liski, the SS Leibstandarte deliver the killing blow. The road into Liski is open, and we quickly take and secure the city.

All that remains is to exert pressure on Voronezh from the considerable number of German forces stationed outside the city. The vice-like grip is tightened, life finally squeezed out of Russian resistance, and with some cyclic manoeuvring we push fresh troops into Voronezh and take the city!

With both objectives taken, and all Russian troops dead, the scenario is over. The scores are calculated.

Although the scenario is set as a 6 turn battle, to gain maximum Victory points, it seems you need to take the objectives in Turn 4. Also the final score takes into account the Prestige you have, and I spent all mine at the very beginning on the SS Leibstandarte unit. Since the SS were pivotal in the early gains on the Southern front, I deemed them worth the Prestige hit. However, I now want to go back and attempt the scenario, without them – to see how I fair then.

When Turn 4 ticked over into Turn 5, the Victory points available to me dropped drastically, from 400 (200 for Voronezh, 200 for Liski) to 200 (120 for Voronezh, 80 for Liski) – so speed is of the essence in pulling off a Decisive Victory in this scenario.

The poor supply lines in the South are what slowed the push down and ultimately caused me to pull back, re-supply and have another go. That delay cost me 200 Victory Points in total. Better logistic planning is needed methinks.

Anyway, I hope this AAR has given you a glimpse into the thrills and spills that are available in Unity of Command, and that the Video AAR’s (only available because of the excellent Replay feature in the game) let you sample the polished presentation and the ease with which the game is played. It’s very accessible for the novice wargamer, yet sufficiently deep for your average Grognard.

I think Unity of Command is one of those landmark games that come about and raise the level of expectations of the whole genre. I hope they develop the engine further and take it into the European and Pacific theatre’s of conflict.

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