Unity of Command: Voronezh – Turn 3

Having made good progress in Turn’s 1 and 2, the Russian retreat through our lines, and the subsequent re-capture of the bridge in the South has caused some supply problems for the Germans, not to mention a little¬†embarrassment.

Here’s the Video AAR of Turn 3


I boost the range of our supply depots in the South by 1. With no roads or railway to get material forward, we’re going to have trouble keeping the Southern offensive stocked up.

I spend the first part of the Turn, surrounding and eradicating the remaining Russians in our back lines. This frees up a lot of infantry there, and I begin the long march forward – with the hopes of supporting the offensive in the South.

Swiftly and decisively, to save face, the German command uses heavy armour to quash the arrogant Russians who re-captured the bridge at the end of Turn 2. Our supply lines in the South are at least open.

I then concentrate on the thrust of my armour in both the North and South offensive towards the respective cities. My SS Leibstandarte Motorised troops leading the Southern assault.

Finally calling in my four Air strikes on the overwhelmed defenders just outside of Voronezh.

In the North I can almost taste Victory. The supply line carried by the road to Voronezh has really helped keep my units fighting fit.

In the South it’s a different story, much of the front line there has been out of supply for at least a turn. Even with range boosts, the area in front of the city is without supply. The SS unit takes a considerable pounding exacerbated by its out of supply drain. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to fund a push to the city in time!

Join us for the next instalment in Turn 4.


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