Unity of Command: Voronezh – Turn 2

Things are hotting up as the two flanks of my German offensive push and squeeze the Russian defenders into a state of Panic.

Here’s Turn 2 of the Video AAR of Unity of Command‘s Voronezh Scenario.



My plans continue in this turn, to stab forward along the road to Voronezh with all the power I have, and bring up the troops from the back to widen the gap thus securing the supply route to the front line.

The Russian defenders seem no match for my armoured column, and with the numbers against them I try to systematically destroy them by bringing more troops forward and to bear down upon them.

In the South, I want to get my fastest and heaviest hitters across the bridge and out on the field fighting. The SS Leibstandarte form the vanguard to this push. I flood what troops I can up towards the bridge, encircling the Southern lines of entrenched Russians at the same time.

My infantry squaring up to the Southern line, nibble away at them with multiple attacks from different directions. The Russians there are now being encircled and cut off from their supplies. One or two pockets of the over zealous Russians are stomped on quickly, with only a hardy unit providing stiff resistance just outside of Kursk.

The Russian’s bombard my leading SS unit in a desperate attempt to slow their progression, and they spend the rest of their turn, filling gaps on the approaches to the cities with bodies and armour. Their defiance is spirited.

Join me for the next instalment in Turn 3.

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