Unity of Command: Voronezh – Turn 1

I’ve introduced Unity of Command before, and this time I wanted to do a meatier scenario and start to delve into the mechanics a bit more. So I chose the stand alone scenario Voronezh.

It’s a 6 turn scenario, that requires the capture of two major cities.

Once again the Replay feature of the game means I can turn this AAR into a video AAR, piping it turn by turn to Youtube. I’ve even overlaid some captions to try and highlight key points during the battle.

The beauty of the game, is that it is very accessible, anyone could begin shuffling units around the map and making attacks, but there is a layer of depth there, that begins to reveal itself AS YOU PLAY! My first stab at this scenario resulted in a lot of stranded panzers, because I didn’t protect my supply lines.

Anyway, here’s the initial turn…

Voronezh – Turn 1 (German, then Russian turn)



As you can see, we start off with a wall of entrenched Russian infantry, just to the East of Kursk. My initial intention is to punch a hole through the wall, and pour as many troops as I can through that rupture. Ultimately, I have to worry about getting supplies to the front line, so I need to widen the gap I’ve made, to allow my trucks to use the road.

I decide to blow all my prestige points on bringing the SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler troops up to the Southern front. I want their abililty to hit hard and fast to get the bridge secured. This bridge is the only way for my troops to get into the Southern sector, it is vital that we open it up and hold it.

As we make progress behind the line, I always have to be wary of leaving weak points for the enemy to exploit. Such a weak point is in my middle, just South of Kursk, and much to my chagrin the Russians thrust a few units forward.

I use up all my air attacks on the Southern Front, with a view to open them up and push North Eastwards to the bridge. The Air attacks are not successful enough, and the Russians are suitably entrenched, that my push in that direction fails. Luckily the SS unit delivers a swift uppercut and I can move some armoured units up to secure the bridge anyway.

During the Russian’s turn, they pull keys units from both the front and back lines to solidify the center, and create a barrier blocking both routes to the City objectives. Then they get to work on strafing and bombing my Panzer division holding the key bridge in the South. Finally, they dig in at the approach to the city of Voronezh, ready to put up stiff resistance.

See how Turn 2 develops in the next installment.

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