Unity of Command: Voronezh – Epilogue

With help from a fellow wargamer from the forums, ComradeP has kindly given me permission to capture and upload his attempt at the Voronezh scenario. Not only does it give readers a different perspective on how the scenario plays out, but also it serves as an instructional video on how to do it properly.

Here you will see ComradeP take the two objectives within 3 Turns! Without the use of the SS Division, but with the advanced tactic of adding specialist steps to your existing units (another method for spending your prestige points to enhance your capabilities, and tweak your forces composition).

I’m not going to annotate the videos, since I don’t really know the ins and outs of the decisions made, however after the video’s I’ll include the helpful comments ComradeP posted on the forums.

All my thanks goes to ComradeP for sharing his replay and his thoughts.

ComradeP – Voronezh Turn 1


ComradeP – Voronezh Turn 2


ComradeP – Voronezh Turn 3


Comments from ComradeP:

It was a bit of a chaotic playthrough, as in the end I decided to try and also destroy all Soviet units, which required some unit relocations.

The keys to a solid turn 1 are:

  • Getting a German mobile unit across the bridge in the south.
  • Destroying all of the Tank corps close to the starting point.
  • Cutting of the Soviet infantry in the center, so they don’t attack the railroad.
  • Making sure there’s a minimal or non-existent chance that the Soviets can cut off the spearhead.


This is one of the few scenarios where, due to the smaller size of the scenario, your mobile units can meet up on turn 2.

It took me a few tries to do it like this, and without specialist steps I think I’d need another turn, especially as the engineers are more or less crucial against the NKVD-equipped unit in Voronezh, both due to removing the entrenchment and nullifying part of the negative shift for attacking across the river.

As with most scenarios, you should try to avoid engaging most of the enemy infantry with your own mobile units. There should never be a need to move mobile units back, they should always advance.

Also: it takes some getting used to, but the tactical air support is different from tactical bombers from other games. The odds of killing a unit with it are minimal, so try to use it before attacks, instead of at the end of the turn.


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