Unity of Command: Crimea Revisited

Matrix games released a new game on the block today, namely Unity of Command. A very visually appealing operational chit shuffler with a smooth interface and a very distinctive style.

As soon as I poked around in the tutorial, I just knew I was going to get along with the game. It’s all polished to a fine level of charm, and actions are just natural to perform. The game seems to present depth through visual flair and ease of use.

I decided to give the first Introductory scenario a spin, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was the German push through the Crimean peninsula. See my previous efforts in this conflict, in Schwerpunkt’s Russo-German War.

The game has a history function, that allows you to play back replays effortlessly. I was so taken aback by this feature, that I decided to set about capturing the playback as video, to upload to Youtube.

Here is my first playthrough.

Each turn, you are given four air attacks to wither away your opponent’s supply, or get a lucky kill. My Panzers on the front line, devastate the Russian defenders, but the limited movement space along the eastern end of the peninsula mean a slow push through.

I decide to take Sevastopol as soon as I can, to re-deploy my forces in the main push towards Kersch. I have to sacrifice a number of troops early on, bashing their way into the Western Fortress, but its worth it.

Combined Armour and strong infantry squeeze the Russians along to Kersch – with the Air Attacks nibbling away their supplies from time to time.

Overall, this scenario is built to be easy, and it introduces movement and combat to the player. I’m looking forward to starting up some meatier scenarios.

2 thoughts on “Unity of Command: Crimea Revisited

  1. How is the depth of this game as well as the mechanics. I am starting to hear rumblings that has some smooth game play. Can it be compared in any way with Decisive Campaigns or is it too different of an animal? Thanks Spelk!

    (another game I had no interest in but no have my interest peaked…dammit)

  2. @gabeeg, I haven’t delved that deep yet, but the game seems to offer simplicity and style in its user interface, but the mechanics of play contain enough depth to keep a Grognard at least interested. It has a fairly comprehensive set of supply rules, that have a dramatic effect on your forces fighting capacity. In another scenario I played, I really pushed my panzers forward and neglected to protect my supply routes – suddenly I had a whole lot of ineffective and weak scrap metal on the front line!

    The game reminds me very much so of Schwerpunkt’s Russo-German War – moreso than Warsaw to Paris. I think you’re shifting around troops at a larger scale. Although there are quite specific actions around blowing/securing bridges that do have a hint of WtP.

    It’s the most polished and accessible Wargame I’ve seen in a long time, comparing well against the likes of Panzer Corps in terms of presentation. I’m looking forward to spending more time with it.

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