Three Before Breakfast

I woke up early one morning, and lo and behold we have a plateful of interesting and obscure games coming to fruition. I simply had to check them out.


First up we have Shrapnel Games Bronze, a strategic tile laying board game, with some really nice panel artwork attached and an AI thats quite nifty.

Sadly theres no online multiplay, only hotseat 4 player on the same PC, but still if you like abstract thought provoking board games than rely on territory capture, map composition and familiarisation with cultural tilesets this might be worth a look. Theres a DEMO out, check it out.


Next up is Digitanks, an RTS of sorts, presented in a Tron like world, inside the flux lines of the machine, a battle of infantry shielded support, main battle tanks and long range artillery presents itself. With CPU’s, buffers and network power nodes channelling the pulsing life force to the frontlines of the battle. Digitanks is a neat concept of turn based conflict between similar electronic factions, with fairly abstract and simplistic units, but with more advanced features attached. Such as, shields – four facing shields and rotational placement becoming important in an exchange of fire. Presenting a defensive side, whilst protecting a weakened shield. The infantry units seem to present only a forward facing shield, but its much more powerful than your average tank force field.

I’m not sure what to make of Digitanks yet, having only tickled the surface, but there seems to be a lot of depth hidden amongst a relatively small number of units. The unit build mechanic and power channelling to provide buffs and support for units in the field is quite elaborate, but there seems to be an upgrade path for units themselves, as well as a whole chain of upgrades available to “download” to your CPU (HeadQuarters). The defined keys seem a bit quirky, for example ‘q’ for Move. Also, the turn based elements feel a bit limiting, when the turns play out in real time, until the units run out of power. The presentation is decidedly polished for such an obscure title, and the “Tron feel” is totally spot on. Overall, I think this could develop into something special, given a little monetary support, love and attention.


Finally, theres a environmentally challenged card based strategy game on the horizon, known as Fate of the World. Its currently available for pre-order, which lets you sample the game, which is currently in beta.

I’m not whether I fully buy into the environmental theme of the game, but it will be interesting to see how the pick of the cards affects the strategy employed around the world zones, and how you can deploy your agents and affect the outcomes of the disasters ahead.

Perhaps not all will come to fruition as classics, but its nice to have a mutliple choice on offer for your early morning tasting session.

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