The Zenith Remnant: An Alien Race has Returned..

We’re just hours away from the eagerly awaited first expansion to AI War: Fleet Command is released. Those who have pre-ordered the expansion, may have already tasted some of its wonders, due to Arcengames transparency with their pre-release patches. But for those of us who have waited for the arrival of these hulking Golems into our 2d space, the anticipation and waiting is nearly over.

Mere moments ago, the lead developer of AI War, Chris Park commented:

The Zenith Remnant will be officially coming out today [12th January] on Impulse and on our site, and most likely tomorrow [13th January] on Steam and GamersGate.  I am not certain which day it will be for Direct2Drive, I will let you know as soon as I know.  We ran late today with the release with a lot of last-minute fixes, and this caused some delays with some partners because (let’s face it) they aren’t just sitting around waiting for our builds.  We figured the last bit of polish and attention to quality was worth it. Exciting times, at any rate!

Then a few more moments later..

Oops — soon as I post this, I get an email back from one of the Steam engineers who bumped us in priority.  So, looks like we will still be on for a Steam release within a few hours from now.

So at last we finally get to bump up against the infamous Dyson Sphere!

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