The Tide is High, but I’m holding on…

Arcengames‘ newest title in development, Tidalis, is almost rolling in onto our gaming shoreline. In fact, its due to be released via a multitude of distribution platforms TODAY! The game claims to be a heady mix of casual puzzling and cerebral depth, including online multiplayer and a plethora of different modes to play through.

Have a look at the Launch trailer to see it in action..

From the brief look I’ve had at the game, it certainly has the casual gaming charm necessary to entice people to try it, but since its Arcengames, you can bet it has a lot more to it than instant mindless gratification. Triggering chains of colour streams in waves across the play area takes quite a bit of concentration, especially since you can twist and turn the path of the tide before you set it rolling.

I hope to plough some more time into this title and give it a proper sugarfreegamer review. It will be interesting to see if Arcengames, the developer of the very intensive 2d co-op space game AI War: Fleet Command, can bring its deeper appeal to the more casual audience, or entice the strategy fans into the casual arena.

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