The Killer Angels

I meant to post something about this ages ago, when it first come out. But I’ve been head down into all sorts of games since, and never really give Norbsoft’s Scourge of War an appropriate Fanfare.

So, I’ll make up for it by giving it a big one now.


The game is a sequel (of sorts) to the very well respected Take Command: Second Manassas from MadMinuteGames (TC2M). Its based around the period of the American Civil War, and the battle of Gettysburg. Its soaked in historic detail, and covers every engagement during the Battle of Gettysburg lovingly recreated. I sports a unique commander control at different operational levels along with Couriers and written dispatches, but I think the major step up from TC2M is that its supports multiplayer and it has had a pleasing upgrade in the graphical engine.

A partial list of features follows:


  • Game Lobby
  • Co-Op
  • Courier system for dispatches
  • Support for more than 2 players


  • Every Gettysburg engagement meticulously recreated
  • Multiple ‘What If’ scenarios
  • Every major personality researched and recreated by the AI
  • Replay from any commander of any engagement

The Battlefield

  • 4 Hi Res maps cover the entire battlefield in amazing detail
  • Weather, Battle Times, all historically brought to life
  • Devil’s Den, McPherson’s Ridge, Cemetery Hill, Culp’s Hill, it’s all in there!
  • Even the crops have been recreated from historical photographs and writings

Sandbox mode with at least 2 maps to create your own battles

Full modding support with new friendlier interface

Each weapon of every regiment painstakingly researched and implemented

Sounds and Smoke effects to bring the battles to life

Historic writings to enjoy and learn about this key engagement in US History

If you have any interest in the American Civil War, and a measured and carefully paced real time wargame experience then it would behoove you to check out the demo of SoW.

If you really want to soak yourself in atmosphere, I also suggest picking up a copy of the Gettysburg movie on DVD, and reading the book The Killer Angels from which the movie was adapted.

4 thoughts on “The Killer Angels

  1. The lastest episode of the Three Moves Ahead Podcast is all about Scourge of War and the developers Norb and Jim are guests discussing the ins and outs of the game. Worth a listen if you’ve even a passing interest in Scourge.

  2. Hi, just wandered on to the blog from your comment at 3 Moves Ahead and saw that you were interested in the multiplayer. If you can’t find anyone, send me an email. I’m trying to pressure myself into buying after enjoying the demo.

  3. I’ve had a quick online co-op with my brother, still getting used to the controls and the limits of the games command structure.

  4. I’ve had a quick online co-op with my brother, still getting used to the controls and the limits of the games command structure.

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