The Battle of the Blogs

An idea I had a while back has now thankfully come to fruition.

The idea was to pit two bloggers against each other in a wargame and then have them present the subsequent AAR’s from their perspective for all to see. So the reader of both blogs would be getting the full story, blow by blow, decision by decision, from both sides. A complete breakdown of the battle. A Battle of the Blogs!

I posed this idea to Chip from Fog Of Wargames, and he was very supportive of the whole premise. It harks back to the times when Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk used to do a “Tom vs Bruce” series of conflicts through a whole range of strategy games. It’s interesting to note that Tom has started up a new but similar series with Kelly Wand, namely the “Tom vs Kelly” series for the Quarter to Three blog.

Taking our inspiration from these, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to pit two AAR writing wargaming blogs against each other in a similar fashion.

Sugar Free Gamer vs Fog Of Wargames!

We decided to start the series by playing a wargame we were both fairly familiar with, namely Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris (WtP), and that to begin with we’d take on a small scenario and see how we go. We thought that the Battle of Bzura scenario would make a good start to the series.

The Battle of Bzura

Its a battle of Polish retreat and German pursuit, whilst trying to maintain its thinly stretched fighting front. I will be playing the Germans, and trying to cut off and squeeze the Polish resistance into submission (or at least prevent them from getting to Warsaw and making a defensive stand, or a spirited counter-attack) and Chip will be taking on the plight of the Polish.

The Scenario is 11 turns long, and an immediate victory is declared if either side hold Lodz and Warsaw at the beginning of a turn. The alternate victory conditions are that if the Polish can evacuate enough troop numbers back to the greater Warsaw-Modlin area by turn 11 they will win. If not (and no player holds Lodz and Warsaw together) then it will be declared a draw.

The scene is set, and we have started the Play By Email (PBEM) turns. May the best blog win!

Follow the AAR here on and don’t forget to check Fog Of Wargames blog frequently for the flipside of the conflict.

5 thoughts on “The Battle of the Blogs

  1. Not at all, was good to see your post up so soon after this post!

    I’m going to have to try *real hard* not to read your blog to get a peek at the ULTRA intelligence you’ll be laying bare to one and all! 😉

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