With a slightly clumsy name, and a slightly homebrew user interface, Tactica puts hex chit wargaming into a real time setting on the iPad for the first time.

Never have I seen NATO symbols smoothly skating over hexagon maps on the iOS before. Even though its very rough around the edges, and the only units you have are Infantry or Armoured Divisions, it certainly provides the wargamer with a level of amusement.

The few maps that are available, are suitably historic.

It even supports a network play mode, although I’ve not had chance to test this out.

Aside from it being a wargamer’s dream game, I think many will be disappointed that it isn’t turn based. The real time aspect, makes it quick to play and fun, but coupled with the limited unit types this attempt at real time strategy makes it more a novelty than anything a wargamer would spend hours with. Which is a shame.

The iOS is screaming out for a decent turn based wargame, that isn’t just a re-hash of Risk.

For some quick fun it’s ok. Engaging enough but ultimately its a sprite dragging action game masquerading in a serious wargame’s clothing (NATO symbols and hexagons).



2 thoughts on “Tactica

  1. Oh yes, I’d forgotten about that title. This one is very similar, a novelty game dressed up as a proper Wargame.

    If they put all that effort into faking a real Wargame why not go the extra mile and develop a real Wargame and see how well it sells? Squeezing real time play in to appeal to the more casual player just frustrates the actual Wargamers.

    Still I thought it worthy of attention because this one looks like it was in the right tracks, just needs a bit more effort and a turn based mechanic to step into the proper world of grogs on iOS! 🙂

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