Sweet Pause

Its been what seems like an eternity since I posted anything up to SFG. It wasn’t a planned sabbatical. It sort of developed through my involvement with other projects this year. As sweet old Bilbo would say, I’ve spread myself too thin, like Butter.

I had a fling with the art of podcasting for Laserbeards. Although the Kyber crystals powering those light saber follicles have grown dim and ran out of juice.

I’ve been actively filling my boots with Roguelikes recently, its always been a thing of mine, and I’ve always been ranting and raving to people who will listen (and mostly those who don’t want to) about these amazing games. Well I decided instead of just bashing my head against a wall of gaming ignorance, I’d put up some front and do it as a roguelike appreciation blog instead.

And so Ascii-Curious was born.

I’ve been trying a few things to show the world just how interesting and exciting ASCII roguelikes can be, because they give you a streamlined tactical interface and lots of fantasy framework to hang your perilous near death or YASD (Yet Another Stupid Death) moments. With a fertile imagination you aren’t limited to the graphical content that the developer has fixed into his game, you ladel on your own recipe and the narrative evolves and becomes some beautiful tale of your own.

However, most people see an ASCII game and immediately balk and dismiss it out of hand. My ASCII curious name was meant to reflect that there may be something in it, if you are only curious enough to look and see. The site isn’t totally ASCII only, it’s basically a roguelike appreciation site, but you know, you’ve got to have a theme for your digital evangelism and (traditional) roguelikes can deliver so much from pure ASCII through to elaborate 3d interpretations.

I even did some reviewing for this years 7 Day Roguelike (7DRL) Challenge, and appeared on the Roguelike Radio podcast to discuss some of the entries. A great honour indeed, since I’ve been following the show since it started out.

Watching the live streaming of the Roguelike Celebration this year was a real treat. To be able to take part in such an enthusiastic and openly sharing community, where novel development ideas are showcased and passed around like gifts to each other – it really heartens me for the future of roguelikes, and I wholeheartedly support the roguelike community and AC is my love letter to the genre and these developers.

Lastly, and more recently, I’ve taken the idea I had during my Laserbeard podcast sessions and have turned it into its own entity. Namely the Cheeky Gems. Games that are always overlooked and on the periphery of gaming conciousness, but which are well worth the time and effort to play IMHO.


The Gems site is still in its infancy, but hopefully I can start to add in all the ones I featured on LB by bumbling out some verbals, I’ll write them up a bit better.

So, as you can see, SFG has been neglected but it was a sweet pause, because I’ve launched so much more personally.

Still keeping the /r/computerwargames sub-reddit as up to date as possible. We are approaching 2000 subscribers, that will be a milestone to celebrate somehow.

Am taking baby steps back into my computer wargaming pursuits, with Field of Glory II and The Operational Art of War IV¬†as new releases, I’m gearing up to start the AAR ball rolling here again too.

So, if you used to read this site, but it went silent for a while, I apologise. Now you know why. And with some effort I hope to get back to some grognard AAR’s soon.








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  1. I was wondering if you died or something. Was just a full stop cutoff on posts. Glad you are trying to reboot a bit.

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