Just a quick post to announce a new aspect to my sugarfreegaming, the new NewsBlur enabled RSS blog, whereby I select and highlight interesting gaming news articles and they aggregate onto a page available by clicking the sugarfreeblur logo.

If you’ve been following my antics over at Google+ then you’ll probably already have interesting news posts dropping into your stream anyway. Newsblur, a viable alternative to the loss of Google Reader, allows you to create an aggregated page showcasing the news items you tagged as being interesting.

Anyway, it’s just a mechanism for me to keep material together, share with others, and not take up any valuable AAR space from

I haven’t registered the domain and there won’t be anything there, but I just liked the catchy sound of the name, and it does describe how I rush my way through a whole pile of wargaming and strategy gaming news everyday… in a blur…


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