Squad Battles: Modern War – The First Battle – Part 4

Back in the saddle for the penultimate set of turns, can we push through the bunker complex to achieve the objectives in time?

Turn 7

On the cusp of the turn, there was some nasty close range return fire from the Bunker to the South (I’ll call this Bunker 2 from now on) and we lose a man from Platoon 2 HQ.

The M1 tank rolls forward to provide a better line of sight for the shelling onto Bunker 2.

The M1 pounds HE shells into Bunker 2, and rewardingly makes a kill.

Squad 1 is still pinned from their failed assault. The leader attempts a rally call to his men.

Platoon 2 HQ empty their clips, close range into Bunker 2. They manage to land a kill. Hell Yeah!

Squad 2 collect themselves and advance across the obstacle cover, time to get them into the fight as the leaderless reserve.

Peeking into Bunker 2, we can see although disrupted and with lower morale, we still have 8 men willing to defend the position. I’m not sure we have the bodies to actually perform a successful assault.

Turn 8

The M1 keeps the pressure up on Bunker 2 and lands another kill with some HE shell fire.

I’m eager to get the relatively fresh Squad 2 up and into the fight, to supplement the numbers we have lost in the assaults and the defense of Bunker 1.

Squad 1 smokes Bunker 2’s external view, readying a covered move for themselves and Squad 2 when the time is right.

I’m still concerned at the numbers of men stationed in Bunker 2, so I decide to lay some more fire in there in the vain hope of making another kill or reducing their morale a little more.

Sadly, the Squad 1’s fire is ineffective.

Platoon 2 HQ also spray fire at close range into Bunker 2, and unbelievably they are ineffective also. My prep for another assault seems to be faultering a little here, and perhaps I’m being too cautious?

Tune in tomorrow for the final two turns in The First Battle. Can I scrape a kill or two more with the M1? Can Squad 1 (supported by Squad 2) move forward and make an assault in the final turns of this skirmish? Can the heroic Platoon 2 HQ unit make a final push into Bunker 2? I’m not at all sure I have the turn time to make it into Bunker 3 at all.

1 thought on “Squad Battles: Modern War – The First Battle – Part 4

  1. You seem to be doing just fine. Losses on the attack are always a huge factor in the squad battle games. What irks me is how these games never really take troop quality into the equation. Even with excellent morale a unit of Iraqi troops should be no match for elite marines.

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