Squad Battles: Modern War – The First Battle – Part 3

Turn 5

As expected, Squad 2 is ripe for further punishment by the enemy in the bunkers, and at the start of the turn they take fire that pins them down.

Taking a peek inside Bunker 1, we can see that there are 5 rather tough Iraqi guards. However, we can see that the sniper is dead and none of the men have an RPG-16.

Squad 1 makes the bold move to rush the front of the bunker…

To support the advancing Squad, I yet again, attempt to blow holes in the bunker with the M1. The HE fire is ineffective. It has been suggested that perhaps I should use penetrative ammo such as the armour piercing shells used against other vehicles, but this doesn’t occur to me at the time. I keep ladelling in high explosive fire in the vain hope of a kill or two. I must say, I totally expected the tank to dominate the action in this scenario, and its really only been of minimal use to me.

Squad 1 now light the bunker up.

In support of Squad 1’s attack, the Platoon 2 HQ also pours fire into the bunker, and recieves some ineffective return fire for its troubles.

Squad 2 is demoralised after the loss of its leader, so it cannot move toward the enemy. They pull back as best they can, out of the line of fire from the bunkers.

Turn 6

At the start of turn 6, I see no point in changing my tactical use of the M1, so I shell the bunker again. With no effect. *sigh*

Its time to make the push. Squad 1 assaults the bunker! The assault stalls, they take some casualties and are pinned as a result.

However, looking into the bunker, we see that there are only three men left, and they’re disrupted with a morale that has dropped a level from A to B.

I decide to go for it, and Platoon 2 HQ assaults the disrupted men in Bunker 1!

SUCCESS! Platoon 2 HQ manage to drive the remaining enemy out of the bunker, with no casualties. In the many attempts I’ve made at this “starter” scenario, I have never made it into a bunker. This development results in me shouting out loud “YES!” and punching the air.

With Squad 2 motivated again, we move them forward slowly to try and get them into the fight, now that we’ve punched a hole into the defense. Hopefully we’ll have time to pour these troops into this hole and consolidate and expand on what we have.

In the next installment we’ll go through turn 7 and 8.

1 thought on “Squad Battles: Modern War – The First Battle – Part 3

  1. Well, I replayed this again trying a different strategy and did “better”, although it fell apart at the end. I managed to take the north-most bunker on turn 5 with minimal losses.

    The epiphany was realizing that you do not, in fact, have an M1 Abrams Tank. What you in fact have is an M1 Armored Smoke Deployment Platform. Any shot the tank fires at the bunkers is, in fact, a wasted shot. The first thing I did was change the tank’s cannon to a smoke loadout and use it to create a screen to the NW of the two west-most bunkers. That lets you freely manuever your troops into place ‘around’ the north bunker.

    Then, each turn you:

    (1) Pepper the bunker with a ton of fire on your turn. Ideally from cover.
    (2) Before you run out of fire turns, the last thing you do is deploy smoke to shield your men on the Iraqi turn.
    (3) Lather, rinse, repeat.

    The problem, though, is that if you take the north bunker by assault (which I did), now the guys in the second bunker can shoot at you. And you only have 10 turns to flush these guys out, so I’m not sure that this hyperconservative approach will get the guys out of the second bunker as effectively.

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