Squad Battles: Modern War – The First Battle – Part 2

We join this battle going into Turn 3, the push towards the bunker carries on…

Turn 3

The M1 tank fires at the bunker in the hope of softening them up and disrupting the defenders within.

Sadly the HE shells seem to only knock on the bunkers door, with no casualties or change of status observed.

Checking the line of sight visibility from the enemy’s position, we can see that currently all our infantry are hidden out of sight.

Squad 1 is the first to move towards the bunker through the ground covered by obstacles. As they reach the cover directly in front of bunker 1, they take fire.

Luckily, the cover is effective, and no casualties result.

Platoon 2 HQ follows closely behind Squad 1, through the buildings and into the obstacled cover.

Lagging significantly behind now, Squad 2 makes a break from the cover of the long grass, and assembles at the roadway pass. In my eagerness to get Squad 2 into the fight, I completely forgot to fire off some smoke from Squad 1 to cover their rear manoeuvres.

Turn 4

As the turn ticks over, Squad 2 are spotted and take heavy fire from the bunkers. They lose their squad leader. This is a disastrous turn of events, and I could kick myself over it. If I’d have laid the smoke coverage, that leader would be still with us!

The red mist of revenge settles over my vision and I want to pound the bunkers with my M1 Tank. I land three shells, but they seem to bounce off without any effect. A meaningless show of aggression that leads to naught.

I gather my thoughts, and Squad 1 smokes the area immediately North of Bunker 1.

Squad 1 then uses the movement/action points remaining to lay heavy fire into Bunker 1 from their covered position. At last they strike a blow and cause a casualty. Slowly and surely we’re making trouble for the Bunker’s resiliant inhabitants.

Platoon 2 HQ uses the smoke curtain to make their move and they dash forward into the area immediately north of Bunker 1. They take fire as they move, but it is ineffective. The Bunker boys are firing blind.

I try to salvage Squad 2 by moving them out of the roadway pass killzone.

Alas, their movement is laboured and they only make it a short distance to the south east.

Checking the line of sight, it seems they’re still in the danger zone, out in the open, and will probably take more fire next turn.

In the next installment we’ll look at turn 5 and 6. Stay Tuned.

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