Solium Infernum: Turn 9

A manuscript has been snaffled up, which can often be worrying, because manuscripts usually mean tooling up Praetors for single Praetor vs Praetor combat. However, a lot of manuscripts arrive in pieces, and are collections so this might be just the start of a collection. Lets hope.

The Conclave has decided to confiscate any Prestige gained from Places of Power this turn, however, there is already a 7 turn Prestige drought, so I doubt this will shake anyones will.

In rolls my Unexpected Tribute event, and what a sight for sore eyes, 5 or 6 tribute deliveries with some really valuable composite resource cards turn up.

Again, the map has become fairly static, especially for me, although with my new found resource glut, I’m figuring on tooling up a Legion or two and making an advance for the Palace of Gluttony that I’ve got cordened off.

Searching through the Praetors, its time to bag myself a decent one. My eyes are drawn to Naphula’s ability to block Combat Cards. In any Legion to Legion combat this may be a decisive power. So I make a bid for the Preator Naphula.

Here you can see my wealth, and the stacking system I’ve adopted for sorting the tribute cards, so that I can quickly find composite cards, or look through singles, to determine the best mix when paying for items at the Infernal Bazaar.

Finally the wealth goes to my head, and I decide to make a bid for a Melee boosting artifact for my melee bereft ‘Chosen of Stal’ Legion. The Adamantine Golem artifact adds 4 onto the melee score, but also adds the Stunning Blow special, which if successful doubles the amount of damage, but also reduces the opponents attributes to 0 for the remainder of the combat. My Chosen Legion has a deep infernal attack, and to add some initial melee might soften the opposition with this artifact in place.

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One thought on “Solium Infernum: Turn 9

  1. I think the Adamantine Golem is rather wasted on a unit with low melee. The Stunning Blow special only works if you do melee damage and you only do melee damage against an enemy with a lower melee attribute than you have. However, it could be useful against another unit with a high infernal attack value.

    If circumstances allowed I’d rather save it and then equip it on a strong melee legion (possibly combining it with the praetor that has the “melee first” ability).

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