Solium Infernum: Turn 8

Starting off with a Prestige drought isn’t good, but it is across the board for 7 turns, so it will affect everyone equally.

I managed to secure the ‘suicide bomber’ relic the Orb of Oblivion, so when I get a spare turn, I’ll have to tool up my weakest Legion with it.

I am awarded the regency this turn, and as such I get to choose between the existing event card I hold, and a new alternative. Luckily, the new card presented is ‘Unexpected Tribute’, which is essentially a tribute/resource windfall, something that will help my ichor deficit tremendously.

Theres not much happening on the map this turn, I think the majority of the land grabbing has finished, we’re now in the phase were players start to beef up their Legions, play their events, and begin the diplomatic process of picking fights, or psyching out their weakest opponents.

With the prestige cost of making a demand on another, Leverpastej has had his total paired down a little, which has the fortunate knock on effect of boosting me to the top of the Prestige leaderboard. But its early days yet.

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1 thought on “Solium Infernum: Turn 8

  1. Actually being in the lead before turn 10 is bad for you. This is because on turn 10 everybody gets a notification that it’s the last turn when they can adjust their threat order for free.

    So having the most prestige on turn 10 is much like painting a large bullseye on your back.

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