Solium Infernum: Turn 7

It seems the Vendetta has been formed, and Leverpastej and Melfice will now come to blows for at least a turn or two.

I’ve got Renge Darkfiddler on my North Western border, presumably with an eye on the Palace of Gluttony, but in order to make a play for it, he’ll need to initiate a Vendetta with me, and until I’ve tooled up one of my Legions, I’m not ready for conflict.

I’m desperately short on ichor, and even with my high level of Charisma pulling in 4 tributes, choosing 3 of them to keep, I’m not finding much ichor on the slimey dinnerplate. My souls are doing well, and they’re important when making bids, because the more souls you can add to a bid, they count as +2 to the overall bid value, so if you really want something, stuff it with a few more souls than necessary. Looking at Legions (not that I want any more to be honest, they’re too much to manage, and move, with only two orders per turn) I can’t afford any, and Praetors all seem to require lots of ichor, sadly, so I thought perhaps equipping my weakest Legion with a decent artifact might give it some poke if a Vendetta is on the cards.

Out of all the artifacts, well the ones I could afford anyway, the Orb of Oblivion seemed to give me that suicide bomber send off. Rather than stoke one or two of my paultry attributes, if my weak sauce Legion goes under, they have a decent chance of taking the opponents Legion out also. Figuring it might stop an Archfiend in his tracks if I can take out his advancing Legion with a fairly weak one of mine.

If it sounds like a desperate tactic, it is. Without any tribute to beef up my Legions, or secure some Praetors I’m a bit stuck, and the paranoia is starting to set in, especially with Melfice snagging The Beast!

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One thought on “Solium Infernum: Turn 7

  1. Don’t worry about the Beast. He requires an on-going tribute contribution each turn, and this early in the game, that’s going to be hard to afford for more than a couple turns. And since it takes a couple of turns to initiate any war actions, you should be safe.

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