Solium Infernum: Turn 6

Let it be known, the War in Hell has begun! Last turn Leverpastej made a tribute Demand of Melfice, and after the Infernal Conclave messangers had passed the message on, the answer returned with a flat denial. Subsequently this rejection is grounds for a Vendetta to be declared upon Melfice if Leverpastej so desires it.

For my Archfiend Stal, theres a shortage of some ichor, and darkness mainly, these resources are needed if I’m to bid on some relics or even a Praetor Hero to add to one of my Legions, boosting their combat ability. So for now, I will attempt to grab some more cantons to eek my prestige higher a little, and I’ll have to make more tribute demands of my minions, lets hope the blood and the black come dribbling in next turn.

You can see Leverpastej’s and Melfice’s Legions locking antlers to the South of my Stronghold, if a Vendetta is called they’ll be going at it tooth and claw in the next turn or two.

Its hotting up in Hell tonight…

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Ian Bowes / spelk