Solium Infernum: Turn 21

There she blows! I feel evil growing within me, I’ve clawed my way one step up the ladder towards ultimate demonic power! Well, I managed to raise my wickedness to level 3 anyways.

Leverpastej has continued his conquest of the map by sucking down another Place of Power, I’m amazed we’re at turn 21 and we’re still seeing land grab without Vendetta. It also looks like theres going to be a bit of a spat between Bael and Renge, with Renge refusing Bael’s demand, giving Bael the option to ‘kick off’ some violent activities.

Here’s the lie of the land and how the two stack together Legion-wise:

Renge is harbouring two Legions to Bael’s one (in the images, I’ve tried to catch the vitals of the Praetors attached to the units)

And Bael’s Legion

This conflict may not happen, it depends on whether Bael is up for it, or whether he wants to take a Prestige hit for the refusal.

In other news, Scaramunga failed to complete the Vendetta he had with Leverpastej, so strengthening the mighty Leverpastej’s position.

My minions have managed to scrape some Hellfire for me this turn, which starts to fill the pot again nicely, still a long way to go though..

I decide to spend some of the other resources picking up a Praetor I can slip into my vault, for barren or needy times. So I browse the Bazaar, and see Focalor, who has some nice stat boosts, and a nice and high set of Hit points.

I decide to put in a bid for him and throw in an extra Soul, to tip the favour towards me securing the purchase.

Yet again, I need more Hellfire, so I am forced to make a demand for tribute. I suppose I could start to throw demands out to my fellow archfiends, but I don’t quite feel powerful enough to take them on. Theres always another day to collect resources and purchase something that will tip the balance. Perhaps next turn I’ll look into start shaking things up, I have this uneasy feeling that I might be coasting a bit too much.

Is it that I feel safe in the midst of  eventless procrastination?

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