Solium Infernum: Turn 20

Well things are heating up a little bit, in Hell today. Bael has decided to probe Renge Darkbringer for some tribute or other. Also the Veil of Smoke manuscript has been snaffled by some fiend, wanting to cover their tracks perhaps?

My double demand for tribute this turn has arrived, and by some small stroke of luck I manage to eek out the 4 Hellfire resources I need to finally make my upgrade to Wickedness/Destruction skill happen.

I also get the regency this turn, and thus can survey the two Event cards possible, and have to choose one. The choice is between Infernal Cabal and Unfit for Office. From the descriptions they both seem fairly innocuous, but the Cabal looks to be marginally more usefull to force a loyalty check.

With my log processing done, I look excitedly towards setting in motion the stat upgrade. So I set up my first order to do this, now its time to pay the ferryman…  unfortunately the price to be paid cannot be easily slotted – trying to lay down my Hellfire, I come up with a payment slot shortage. It seems I’m going to have to think this one through and see if my combo tribute cards can help out here. I’m a slot short for a single Hellfire, and my Souls payment is taking up two slots.

If I can find a combo card with Hellfire AND Souls on it, I should be able to merge the missing payment slot into one. Voila!Its not ideal, I’m having to overpay by 1 Soul, but you have to make do, unless you want to waste an order consolidating low value tribute cards.

So, yet again, another turn breezes by, I’ve committed my stat upgrade, and now I’m totally bereft of Hellfire tribute, the scavenge for more begins again. Hence my second order is another demand for tribute.

Only one more Wickedness upgrade before I get three order slots! Fingers crossed for a Hellfire Windfall. I feel almost straightjacketed with the amount of my time spent on resource begging, and little of my orders going towards pr0-active strategy. But hopefully the extra order slot will be worth the drudgery I’m currently enduring.

Heres a look at the Ritual ability I get, next turn, when my Wickedness/Destruction level hits 3. Yummy.

And finally heres the lay of the land in terms of Diplomacy at Turn 20. Still holding onto second place, but it feels like I’m going nowhere fast.

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1 thought on “Solium Infernum: Turn 20

  1. Actually you didn’t have to overpay the Wickedness upgrade. You used a 3 soul tribute card where you could have used a 2 soul tribute card. 😉

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