Solium Infernum: Turn 18

After a brief hiatus for the Christmas and New Year celebrations (Happy New Year by the way) we are back into the swing of the game, although I’d be lost if I didn’t have this blog to refer to.

It looks like Melfice is securing his dominance with yet another Place of Power succumbing to his beastly grasp as he scoops up the City of Dis.

My minions sheepishly bring me tribute, and yet again, I am short changed in the one resource I am hankering after – namely Hellfire.

With a glut of darkness, I get one measley Hellfire. I need fire to stoke my wickedness addiction, in fact I need 10 wisps of Hellfire (plus 4 souls) to boost to level 3!

As you can see I’m still a bit away, with 4 Hellfire required. At the rate I have been accruing this resource it may be another turn or two before I can make the upgrade.

So my orders this turn are simple, more Tribute and make it firey!

Here’s the diplomatic status at the end of Turn 18, Melfice dominating the prestige rankings for now, with me holding second place and turtling.

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