Solium Infernum: Turn 17

It looks like Scaramunga has stood firm against the insult from Leverpastej, so he’s claimed the right of Vendetta against him.

More tribute rolls in, although after this turn, the quality of the resources will be back to normal.

I managed to buy the Praetor Zuul, and as fetching as she is, she will be horded away in my Vault for the moment. Mainly so that I’ve got someone available for Praetor vs Praetor single combat if needs be.

I manage to grasp desperately at a few Hellfire this turn, and one of my orders this turn is automatically taken up for another stab at reaping that precious firey tribute. With my final order, I decide to equip my ‘suicide bomb’ the Orb of Oblivion artifact. So not much in the way of action or mind bending decisions.

It certainly seems like some turns require a lot of thought and consideration, and others seem to breeze by as mere perfunctory. I guess now we’re settling in to the game and the majority of land grab has happened, we’re going to see players spend time collecting and purchasing equipment to beef up, and at some point there will start some major diplomatic insults and demands being made. So my main focus is to get to that third order point, whilst fending off whatever comes my way.

The diplomatic landscape hasn’t changed all that much:

Since this was a fairly quiet turn, I thought it might be time to make a laymans look at the territory situation amongst the other players.

BAEL – Seems to have a small insular territory with no Places of Power within his grasp, in fact his simplest choice at the moment would be to push me into a Vendetta and to attempt a claim on my Fountain PoP. Both Renge and myself did a good job of containing his initial expansion.

RENGE DARKBRINGER – Renge managed to secure a PoP early  on, and he secured the bridge to sit snugly on my border (I’d assumed he was after the Palace of Gluttony).

MELFICE – The current leader in Prestige points, Melfice is also the keeper of The Beast. He managed to secure two PoP’s, and using a flying ability has also painted a Canton adjacent to  Pandemonium, presumably to make sure he has that avenue of victory if its needed. If you can hold Pandemonium for five full turns, whilst also being excommunicated, you can secure a win. Theres a lot of unclaimed Canton’s to the South of Melfice’s territory, which can also be hoovered up for extra Prestige, if the snaking Scaramunga doesn’t slither his way in.

SCARAMUNGA -This serpent sports two Legions with Move values of 3, meaning they can traverse the map in double quick time, and as you can see, Scaramunga has certainly secured a lot of the map, by fencing off other archfiends. Interestingly enough, he has also enclosed three PoP’s but hasn’t yet claimed them (I’ve marked them on the map below with thick yellow crosses). Furthering my snake analogy, wrapping his coils around his prey before going back to finish them off, and take the Prestige attached to them.

LEVERPASTEJ – I like to call him “the archer”, because of his huge ranged attack value (23)! Leverpastej is an oddity, I can’t fathom out how his current zero state of Prestige is helping him. Also, his territory claim is very small and insular, without any PoP’s nearby.

Anyway, these are just my interpretations of my opponents from what I can see happening on the map. No doubt they all have fiendishly clever plans afoot, and in a few turns time, I’m about to find out if my little patch down in the pit is in their sights.

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3 thoughts on “Solium Infernum: Turn 17

  1. Well it wasn’t my plan to get zero prestige by being beaten by Melfices the Beast and losing my PoP. When I attacked him I knew he was going to try something to fight me as I was trying to get his PoP. And I had a couple of things to counter whatever he would come up with I thought but the Beast was to much for me.

    And after that I didn’t have enough prestige for a demand so I made an insult against Scaramunga hoping he would vendetta me so I can grab one of the PoP to the right of me. I just added to my legion the praetor Eligos that gives me +5 ranged and the throne of skulls that multiplies my praetor bonus by 3 giving my Legion quite the ranged bonus. So I will be able to fight off Scaramungas vendetta and take some territory from him so I can get to the PoP.

  2. At the start I was very concerned about attacks by The Beast, it seems you’ve taken the brunt of those attacks. I think the game seems to promote paranoia in the players, because I was sure zero Prestige had some strategic plan behind it, but obviously not. Thanks for sharing your side to this conflict here Leverpastej, much appreciated.

    I must say I am quite impressed with your ranged attack score, I guess folks who take on a Vendetta with you, will have to find some other cunning way to circumvent ranged attacks, by changing the order or negating it all together, otherwise the Legion battle will be over before its started in most cases.

  3. I love the fact that you thought that was an intentional plan and that the game really brings out that kind of thinking.

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