Solium Infernum: Turn 16

My upgrade to Wickedness 2 was cemented this turn, with Leverpastej hurling insults at Scaramunga turning the hate up a notch.

Turn 16 Log

Some much needed tribute flows in, but, an unfortunate bout of luck sees me only net a single Hellfire, with a glut of Ichor (9) – and if you’ll remember I’d made the decision to stockpile Souls and Hellfire for my Wickedness upgrades, and heres the hand of fate taunting me with Ichor that could have been collected into a pool of sticky hatred to fund an increase to my Martial Prowess instead.

Sticky Ichor

I’ll treat this as a one off run of bad luck, and stick to my original plan of stockpiling Hellfire to boost Wickedness. The temptation is to scrap my plan and follow the scent of what turns up, but I’m kind of thinking, just to spite me, the next tribute delivery would then be loaded with Hellfire. So I’m sticking to my guns on this one. I’ll use any surplus Ichor collected to make another Praetor purchase. Zuul looks pretty fearsome, and dare I say it, even attractive.

Zuul, looking good

She costs a few Souls, but since its Hellfire I’m collecting and trying not to spend, I can afford the Ichor. I’m convinced my Souls stash will grow continually anyway. As per usual this fiendish payment mechanism has forced me to throw yet more tribute into the overspend pot, just to make the bid. So I’ve stacked an extra Soul than needed, but that will hopefully secure the deal ( because Souls count as 2, in the bid reckoning). For good measure I’ve thrown in a couple of Darkness, just in case.

Overspend again!

The map hasn’t changed much (for me at least) since last turn, since I’m on a tribute collecting drive, and next turn if I secure the Praetor Zuul , I’ll be transferring her to my Stronghold or my Vault for defensive purposes, I can’t see the map changing for a few turns yet.

Map State Turn 16

Heres the diplomatic state of play at Turn 16, for you Prestige scorekeepers.

Diplomacy Scores at Turn 16

Still bringing in second place to Melfice at the moment, with Leverpastej zeroing out his Prestige. I’m not sure whether thats part of some cunning tactic, or whether he’s been throwing himself into trouble too early. I guess we’ll see if his prestige claiming insult works.

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3 thoughts on “Solium Infernum: Turn 16

  1. I’ve never had an opponent stay at zero prestige. Since he cannot defend himself effectively, what happens? Is someone going to be able to force an excommunication or something? If so, everyone has free vendetta against him – maybe shuffle a legion over his way to scarf up some cantons?

  2. John Mc has made some pertinent comments over at the Cryptic Comet forums about a Zero Prestige situation, and in particular about Leverpastej’s position in this game:

    It’s not that he can’t defend himself. It’s just that he can’t attack anyone else. Being unable to attack anyone else makes it impossible to win.

    Basically that player is screwed until he gets some Prestige. The three most likely ways are: A) Diplomatic Demand or Insult from someone else, B) + Prestige Relic, and C) Infernal Negotiation Ritual.

    I believe that in your specific game, he’s currently in Vendetta with Scaramunga. If Leverpastej is going to get back in the game he needs to win that Vendetta very badly. This may be difficult if Scaramunga chose a Single Combat Vendetta. If that didn’t work I’d go for option B and failing that C.

    It’s a bad position, no doubt about it. He’s already the 56 point underdog and the guys ahead of him are outdoing him in Prestige income. Without a defeat of Scaramunga, I’d place his odds of winning very low.

  3. Another possibility is that he doesn’t care much about prestige because he plans to attack Pandemonium and win by force. Or he could be a Kingmaker.

    But yes, without Prestige you have no chance to win the conventional way.

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