Solium Infernum: Turn 15

Turn Log

Notification of my +1 boost to my Infernal stat rolls in, along with a welcome chunk of tribute from my minions. The quality bonus to the tribute collected is still in force – so it would be wise to make a demand every turn.

My Chose of Stal Legion has closed the canton gap in the middle of my territory, netting me an additional 2 prestige.

Map state

Apart from Renge Darkbringer squatting on the north western bridge, my borders are all quiet.

Currently the diplomatic status shows me as running second to Melfice in terms of prestige gained, with Renge bringing up third place. There are no vendetta’s in play, and it seems the place is almost too quiet! I wonder what devious plans are currently being hatched by the other ‘fiends?

Diplomatic state

Perhaps now would be a good time to start stockpiling tribute to make my play for upgrading my archfiends stats, particularly aiming to secure an extra order per turn, giving me more actions to make per turn. Having been restricted to two orders per turn, that extra order slot would really make a difference in liberating me to make a tribute demand EVERY TURN, no matter what other husbandry or bidding I needed to do.

Currently my Diabolism (Charisma) is my highest power at level 3, but this only confers the amount of tribute I am able to reap with each demand made. My Wrath (Martial Prowess) stands at level 2, but the climb to gain an extra order slot would require Wrath level 5! Looking at Destruction (Wickedness), I currently have a meagre level 1, but the climb to the extra order slot on this ladder would require a Destruction of level 4.

Destruction/Wickedness Upgrade

So, it might be time to do a tribute needed calculation to determine which power ladder I can climb with the least amount of tribute to gain that elusive extra order slot.

Using the very handy SI Cheat Sheet I should be able to assess which path will be acheived more quickly.

Wrath (Martial Prowess) upgrade costs from level 2 up to level 5:

LEVEL 3 = 4 Souls + 10 Ichor

LEVEL 4 = 6 Souls + 15 Ichor

LEVEL 5 = 8 Souls + 20 Ichor

So, the total tribute cost is 18 Souls + 45 Ichor

Destruction (Wickedness) upgrade costs from level 1 to level 4:

LEVEL 2 = 2 Souls + 5 Hellfire

LEVEL 3 = 4 Souls + 10 Hellfire

LEVEL 4 = 6 Souls + 15 Hellfire

So, the total tribute cost is 12 Souls + 30 Hellfire

Comparing the two, even though theres no way to determine what sort of tribute you’ll get from your demands, upgrading Destruction seems to be the more cost effective way to pursue this extra order slot. Bony fingers crossed we can reap 30 Hellfire swiftly.

This turn I’ve decided to demand more tribute from my minions, but also to begin the Destruction upgrade process to level 2.

Destruction + 1

Once again I’m stung by my tribute combination cards, forcing me to overpay for something (a variable logistical problem I obviously haven’t factored in to my upgrade costs decision).

Awkward Tribute Cards!

As you can see (I’m saying this through gritted teeth) I’ve overpaid for this upgrade by 1 Soul, 2 Ichor and 2 Darkness. These unavoidable overpayments may well delay my tribute gain to get to that extra order slot, meaning I’ll have to gather surplus just to maximise my card paying efficiency. Time to shake my fist at those cunning tribute card denominations!

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