Solium Infernum: Turn 14

Turn 14, a memorable turn for me. One which bellows with Victory, for my Chosen of Stal Legion romped in to the Palace of Gluttony and laid waste to the denizens there, forcing my will on the place. Tis time for a devlish banquet, where we’ll feast upon the eyes and entrails of our fallen enemies, toasted heavily at the hands of my infernal power!

As you can see, I managed to secure the Place of Power I’ve been hankering after for a number of turns previously. There really is a confidence boost when you see the Turn Log throw up a Victory, and not just an endless stream of bad news and unidentified actions by the other players.

Turn 14: The Win!

Because of the Chosen of Stal’s wanton destruction and malice, they get to upgrade a facet of their power. Essential they’ve become more experienced because of the conflict and ultimate victory and have been awarded a slight boost.


Since their strength lies in their domination using Infernal attacks, I decided to “make the great even greater”, rather than up their movement or make them a slightly better melee fighter. Morax will be pleased.

Now, lets look over those combat results, to see exactly how these craven warhorses won.. (this may be a bit wordy at first, but bear with me, understanding these numbers are key to being able to stand Legion against Legion or Place of Power)…

Gluttony Combat - First Round

The initial roll is made, to determine the battle advantage, since the Palace rolled a 9, and Stal rolled an 8, there was a +1 to melee attacks from the Palace.

You can see either side of the combat results box, the stats in play and the modifiers based on artifacts and relics, and if there were any combat cards attached they would show up just above the scroll of numerics.

The first line shows the Hit Points (HP or health) of the combatants. From the start, we were both healthy at 9.

The Ranged attack is resolved, with the first figure showing our base ranged attack, and the one next to it is the modified ranged attack. The two modified figures clash in the middle, and if one side is higher than the other, then they are subtracted and the remainder is considered to be the damage applied to the side that had the lower range attack value.¬† So, in this case, Stal’s Ranged 3 vs Gluttony’s Ranged 6 meant that 3 points of damage passed through, and subsequently I lost 3 HP, and dropped from 9 to 6. The resultant ‘after combat’ HP is displayed directly under the Ranged combat figures.

Now the Melee attacks are resolved, with base Melee and then modified Melee values being displayed. You’ll notice that the +1 Melee Battle Advantage raises the Palace of Gluttony’s from 4 to 5! So, Stal’s Melee 5 vs Gluttony’s Melee 5 clash in the middle and cancel each other out! No damage is passed through and therefore the HP remains the same as the previous round, Stal with 6 and Gluttony with 9.

Now then, the Infernal attacks are resolved (at last!), with base Infernal and modified Infernal displayed side by side. This is where Stal lays the Smackdown. With Stal’s Infernal 15 vs Gluttony’s Infernal 7, 8 points of damage sear through to Gluttony’s HP. Dropping from 9 to 1 in one foul swoop! Stal’s HP remain 6.

There are always two rounds of combat if its not settled in the first one, so heres the next page of numbers..

Gluttony Combat - Second round

What is interesting this round, is that instead of starting with a Ranged combat phase, we encounter another Infernal phase, and this is initiated because of my Praetor Morax possessing the ‘Infernal Twice’ speciality. Effectively forcing another round of Infernal combat, which is very aggreeable with a Legion such as the Chosen of Stal.

So, another round of Infernal is inflicted on the Palace of Gluttony, and Stal’s Infernal 15 to Gluttony’s 7, bursts another 8 points of firey damage through the Palace, and finally eradicates the defending minions in the place. Chosen of Stal claims the prestige points for taking the site, and is then ejected onto a random spot surrounding the place of power.

So from this combat breakdown you can see that having high attack values is key to winning, but specialising in one can be devastating if played correctly, especially if you can use your HP as a defensive buffer before you can unleash your most powerful attack. There are Praetors with special abilities that can block combat cards, or can re-jig the order in which the phases are played out, so although combat is fairly straightforward, there are always devious exceptions to the rule.

Uneventful Events...

Checking the remainder of the Turn Log, the Prestige drought caused by Conclave confiscation has ended. The bonus to tribute handouts is still in effect. And I have been made King for a turn! With that I gain an event card.


Its a spoiler card that allows you to make a player skip the bestowal of regency, so could be important if theres an order that requires you to execute it before the player who is going to be regent next. As you can see the event requires 2 ichor and 2 darkness to be played. It seems quite¬† a circumstantial event card, so I can’t see me utilising it.

With all that excitement out of the way, its time to start and think about the next turn, and I have noticed I’ve left two cantons unclaimed in my own territory, so I decide to move my Chosen of Stal legion over them to claim them and gain two prestige in the process.

Close the holes

With the tribute bonus in place (for four more turns) I should really be stocking up on some whilst the flow is good. So my last order this turn will be demanding some tribute from my minions. I think I deserve it.

Here is the diplomatic ‘lie of the land’ after Turn 14.

Catching Up.. a little

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  1. I would have probably spent both my orders to demand tribute in order to really gather as much as possible. Those unclaimed cantons aren’t going anywhere, but the tribute boost will end shortly.

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