Solium Infernum: Turn 13

It seems that times are good for the next five turns, theres been a resurgence of evil and the overall quality of the tribute collected by minions will be a lot better. With this announcement in mind, it would be wise to be using one of my orders per turn to demand tribute, to milk the good times whilst they last.

Turn Log

Leverpastej has failed to make good his Vendetta against Melfice and has lost some prestige over the matter, boosting Melfice in the process. Again the confiscation of Prestige gained this round continues. Those greedy beggers at the Conclave!

My plan this turn is to transfer my Praetor Morax to my Chosen of Stal Legion, and with that boost to march him into the Palace of Gluttony. With luck, and my shakey knowledge of the mechanics of order processing in the game, in Phase 1 (my first order) the Praetor should move into my Legion before Phase 2 kicks in and the Legion marches into battle.

Morkus in and March to Battle!

These two orders are my “big play” for the Palace of Gluttony, and with Chosen of Stal, doubled up with artifacts (the golem and totem), plus the addition of the Praetor Morax, I should be able to secure the place and take the prestige points and +2 prestige per turn.

Move in

I thought it was about time to give an overview of the archfiends in the game, so here is the rogues gallery. Obviously my prophecy isn’t up to revealing the intimate details of the other players, but you’ll see the broad brushstrokes of their personalities and their current prestige status and publicly known objectives.





Renge Darkbringer


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