Solium Infernum: Turn 12

My defensive bids have all succeeded this turn, so I now have an extra Praetor (Morax) and artifact (The Malevalent Totem) to boost my Legions infernal offensive power.

Purchasing Power

As you can see The Beast wielding Melfice has been busy acquiring another Place of Power, The Temple of Lust falls to his clingy grasp. Some sneaky Archfiend has snaffled up Praetor Abraxas behind the scenes. The Conclave continues to consume all Prestige generated this turn, so the archfiends shuffle nervously about wondering when the ego-swelling prestige points will begin to rise again.

Map tastic

The Beast has receeded this turn, which has put paid to my fears of a mauling, for now. Yet my Chosen of Stal is not ready to take on the Palace of Gluttony just yet. My offensive greed now requires management to get the appropriate Praetors and artifacts in place. This means my orders this turn are now fritted away to Legion housekeeping. It seems my shaken confidence in my troops last turn, has forced yet another static turn to be undertaken.

From my Chosen of Stal Legion, I want to swap out Naphula and transfer her to my Order of Infernal Engineers Legion.

Praetor transfer #1

She will prove useful to protect the Engineers, simply because of her Block Combat Cards special. My plan being to swap in the Praetor Morkus, however I have to remove a Praetor before I can transfer another to the Legion.

Next I want to get the The Malevalent Totem artifact slotted into the Chosen of Stal, to add yet more infernal damage to his already impressive infernal stats.

Artifact Transfer

So once again, it seems as if my paultry two orders have been sucked away without much in the way of actual progress.

Needless Housekeeping

During the next turn, at least one turn will be required to outfit my Chosen of Stal Legion with Morkus, and perhaps I’ll make my move on the Palace of Gluttony, something I feel like I should have done about two or three turns ago.

I am also aware that I banked an artifact, what I call my suicide bomb, the Orb of Oblivion, and I’ve yet to assign that to a Legion. Its becoming increasingly apparent that rather than pursuing some sort of Grand Strategy, I am tying myself up in the minutae of Legion husbandry. I fear my direct competitors are not malingering in such a way, and will be landing on my doorstep very soon…

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  1. A bit of advice – you need to start consolidating tribute and looking to up your avatar’s stats soon here. Getting a 3rd order will be key if you want to stay effective in the long game.

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