Solium Infernum: Turn 11

Loading the multiplayer save file I’ve just detached from an email, and then hesitantly awaiting the first Turn Log page to arrive, the level of anticipation is starting to get to me. What have they done to me now? This turn however,  as it turns out, is rather perfunctory.

Quiet before the Storm?

The Prestige ban is still in force by the greedy Infernal Conclave, and someone other than me is handed the regency. No biggies there.

However, I look at the map trying to spy what has shifted about, who is sitting on my borders, and how are they shaping up, and I spot Melfice with his overtly menacing Legion The Beast, sat on my doorstep.

The Beast at the Door

Now theres no vendetta on, so Melfice can’t attack me just yet, however, his presence alone unnerves me. I’m finding it difficult to consider all other possibilities, without including the worry of being mauled by this monster, especially with the malevolant Praetor Vassago backing him up.

The Beast

I know I’m being sidetracked, I should be attacking the Palace of Gluttony this turn, but I’m feeling doubt creep into my judgement. Perhaps I should tool up a bit more, just to be on the safe side? The Gluttonous retreat isn’t going anywhere just yet, its still mine for the taking and with the Conclave’s blockade on Prestige, no one is raking any in at all. I hesitate. I’d prefer to have a combat card or another Praetor in my camp to back me up.

I look to the Baazar for comfort.

My eye wanders over The Malevelant Totem artifact, with its boost to Infernal offense. But its Totem power is what really makes me salivate, when melee damage occurs, theres a d6 check roll made, if the enemy’s roll plus level is less than 10, then they take additional damage equal to my units infernal power. With my Chosen of Stal Legion currently boasting an infernal offense of 12, I’m thinking this may be a very good artifact to attach to him.

Totemic Support

Without further contemplation, I make the bid. It feels good to be taking positive action by buying offensive tools.

I start to wonder about the current crop of Praetors, perhaps theres one I can afford which will give me another boost in my satanic deterrent. I spot Morax, who not only further increases my infernal rating, but also causes the infernal combat round to trigger twice. Now then. My mind is positively buzzing with the thoughts of heavy handed infernal attacks. I bid again.


My collection of tribute is fairly substantial at this point, so I feel I can make these bids as insurance against attacks in the future. However, the demoninations of my tribute now cause me some concern. As you can see, a lot of my tribute is stacked up in multi-tribute cards, so to pay a certain amount, I seem to be wasting a good chunk of my other tributes.

Paying over the odds

I need a minimum bid of 6 souls, 9 ichor. But my mixed up combo cards, ends up throwing away 6 hellfire and 6 darkness to meet the bid. When I’d landed those combined tribute cards I was really pleased, consolidated resources, that serve multipay purposes. However, they seem to present a hindrance in payment optimisation, and quite large payments are being made unneccessarily. This payment highlights the fiendish game mechanic employed here, by tying your resources to physical cards, with only a limited number of slots to pay in. It adds a whole layer of logistical considerations to the game, which only compounds the myriad of choices that have to be made with so few orders per turn.

Playing defensively, and buying more offensive tools, has stalled my takeover plans for the Palace of Gluttony, but hopefully I’ll have bought a touch more security in the delay. I am however now deeply bereft of tribute, which may start to limit how many actions I can take in subsquent turns, because I’ll simply need to demand more tribute per turn.

Heres the lay of the diplomatic land at the end of Turn 11.

Turn 11 Diplomatic state

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2 thoughts on “Solium Infernum: Turn 11

  1. Thank you for writing this AAR.
    I must say merely reading about this game is suspenseful enough. I bet I would get crush under the pressure if I were to play an actual multiplayer game of it. Brrr!

  2. It can be a bit daunting being in a PBeM game of SI, but I think the beauty of the game is presented in the paranoid meanderings of your mind, as you twist the possiblities you think are being played against you. The actual mechanic of making two decisions per turn, is really quite simple, its the choice you have over what you do in those order slots, and how it fits in with your grander scheme of play, with your archfiend build, along with how you react to events landing in your turn log as you open up the file.

    I’d say, grab the game, and go to an established community, like Cryptic Comets forums, or the Quarter to Three forums, where there are PBeM SI games being scheduled all the time, and just jump in, and play it out. Going against the AI in the single player game will only get you so far, regards learning to play out the game, its in the player versus player games you’ll see the most evil and devious plans come to fruition. And thats what makes a game like this one so entertaining, and thoroughly engaging to play.. I’m actually concerned about whats going to happen next, whilst I seem to languish in indecision and Legion fiddling.

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