Solium Infernum: Turn 10


My bids for the Praetor Naphula, and the artifact Adamantine Golem were successful, adding an extra soul here and there seems to have paid off. Prestige accumulation has been nullified this turn, some player seems keen to keep the prestige from everyone.

Stale map

Once again the map seems fairly static, it will take me at least two turns to lay siege to the Palace of Gluttony, one turn to equip my Praetor and Artifact (two orders) and then another turn to order the attack. I should have enough offensive punch to capture the place, and boost my prestige by +2 per turn.

Equipping Offensives

So my hands are tied with the two orders this turn, one for transferring Naphula to my Chosen of Stal Legion, and one for transferring the Artifact also. With the past two turns being swallowed up by bidding and management, I really should think about Demanding some more tribute because my stocks are running low again.

Shuffling Targets

Turn 10 is a landmark turn for any game of SI, it is the last turn where you can re-arrange your Threat list for free. The Threat list denotes the priority you set towards your fellow players – affecting the cost of your diplomatic demands and insults. A player with an elevated threat rank costs (in terms of tribute/prestige) slightly less to perform actions against than a player lower in the list. So it behooves you to manage this list carefully, to ensure the cost effectiveness of your diplomatic actions.  After turn 10, adjusting the placings on yout Threat list will cost you a tribute.

I re-arranged my Threat list based on a number of factors, assessing the strength and positioning of Legions, along with the prestige progression. I decided to put Melfice at the top because he was tooled up with The Beast (a tough, high hitpoints, high melee attack, rampaging style Legion, that requires a tribute upkeep payment every turn to keep it active).  Since his run in with Melfice, Leverpastej has lost some prestige, and therefore, I’ve lowered his position, and bumped up Renge Darkbringer, because he seems to be hovering on my borders with his eye on my soon-to-be Palace of Gluttony prize. I placed the final two Scaramunga and Bael according to their prestige scores.

I’m hoping for a Gluttonous victory in the next two turns, lets see if anyone plays foul and spoils it for me.

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