Six Gun Saga – Lucien’s Fist AAR – Turn 9 & 10

Turn 9

During Turn 9 El Indio boosts his card drawing capabilities by playing the action “A Fortune Teller” on Horace Green to effectively increase his Max Hand trait. He can now hold more cards in his hand.

A new Posse is formed, the infamous Black Bart’s Gang.

During my upkeep phase, with the Freight Fees pulling in an extra $2, I’m feeling pretty flush. I cover my Dude expenses with my generated income, any cards I sell this turn are all unadulterated profit!

A new story card has been laid called Range War, you need a Gunfighter to enter it. My speciality.

Time to reap some of that profit, and sell George Newcomb for $4. El Indio has two Posse’s out in the open, and I have one.

Not being keen on forming Apache Posse’s due to their transitory nature, I decide to use Geronimo’s special Action to strike at El Indio’s logistics. The action “They Say You is Jinxed” forces your opponent to discard 1 to 4 cards from his hand. If I am lucky in the 1 to 4 roll, I could clear him out of any cash-able resources or playable dudes this turn. Take that El Indio! A body punch from Lucien and the gritty knuckles of his Fist!

Its time to boost my max hand and play the Fortune Teller Action from J.J. Webb. Currently pulling 4 cards per turn, it won’t harm to increase my ability to hold more cards if I want to.

I order the Fist to ride into the Range War. El Indio has two Posse’s ready to intercept, so I expect there’ll be some action in the near future.

I run the Draw phase, and get 4 cards. A Gunfighter, an Outlaw, a Cowboy and the Saloon Deed.

As the turn ticks over, sure enough, El Indio sends in Black Bart (not much of a Gang) to attack the Fist. He’s only packing 3 Gunfight Skill points against my 14!

Have some of that! Three of a Kind! A Score of 5! So 19 – 3 = 16 Wounds. Ouch!

There’s a blistering gunfight and Black Bart is riddled with bullets, his blood seeping into the sand. I assign 5 of the wounds and Black Bart is spirited off to Boot Hill.

With the Victory still glowing in my cheeks, El Indio sends his second Posse into take the Fist. They are carrying 7 Gunfight Skill points compared to my 14.

In a turn of fate, it seems my screenshot grabber fails me on the Poker Draw of this battle. So I cannot explicitly tell you what hand was drawn. How annoying is that!

Anyway, needless to say, the result throws out 12 Wounds. We could theorise about the calculations necessary to come up with that Wound result, but why bother, Sam Bass and his despicable Gang are no more. The Undertaker is being paid well this day.


Turn 10

I think the losses to his Posse’s have left El Indio a broken man, short on cash and firepower. He sells up Canedo and his Artillery piece. I am awarded 6 VP’s for the wanton slaying of his two Posse’s. My VP score last turn was 22/30, it is now 28/30. The end is nigh El Indio.

Looking at my Turn 10 Ledger, it’s all sweet. Building a sound monetary foundation really helps you fund a strong Posse or two. You have a lot more options, and most of the decisions seem to be favourable, rather than having to scratch and save and fire a lot of men to get by. I’ve had games where I had to actually fire men from Posse’s just to continue – so I’ve tasted the lash from tail of the rattlesnake on occasions.

A new “Wanted: Dead or Alive” story card arrives, because we completed the Range War story card. The more observant of you will notice that I netted 9 VP’s for it, and my VP score is now 37/30. I have effectively won the game, but this turn has to play out before the reckoning.

To help with any purchases this turn, I sell the Outlaw Jim Miller for $4.

I snap up the costly Saloon Deed, for my good lady Diamond Lilly. She’ll now have a place to stay and conduct her business, she’ll also pull in +2$ per turn now with the Saloon enhancing her trade.

Always money conscious, I sell up the Cowboy Bill Pickett for $4.

Looking to enhance my strength, I decide to hire the Gunfighter Col. Mortimer, he’s handy with a pistol. I figure I can afford another Gunfighter on my payroll.

Time to get True Grit on the move. I send them out, looking to land them on the Routine Patrol card later.

They are ambushed by Tres Pistoleros bringing 9 Gunfight Skill points compared to my 14.

The Poker draw goes against us, and the three pistoleers manage to net a Pair of Eights with an Ace kicker. We can only manage a 10 kicker. However, even with the loss, our overwhelming skill with the gun lands wound points onto the Ambush party!

I run the Draw phase and net 4 more cards. We get two Ambush cards, an Outlaw and a Mining Office Deed.

As the turn ticks over, we are declared the WINNER with 37 Victory Points!

After the celebrations with copious quantities of Moonshine and Firewater we look over El Indio’s lot in life. He lost his initial VP run and settled on 18/30, his card drawing abilities were poor, pulling only 2 cards per turn. We basically chopped his Posse count from 3 down to 1, and left him a broken man.

Just another day in the life of Lucien and his Fist. Walk off into the sunset, smoking a cheroot.

I hope you all enjoyed the AAR and the ups and downs of the game. I hope its helped newcomers to the game find their feet and get past the initial opacity.

I’m sorry I missed that screenshot of the Poker hand in Turn 9. If you’ve followed it all and liked what you see, go grab a copy of the game at a bargain price whilst in pre-order. We have to nurture Vic Davis’ game design skills, he seems to always deliver on creative and unique ways to bend themes into addictive and open strategy games.

There’s some good gun slinging to be done out there!


3 thoughts on “Six Gun Saga – Lucien’s Fist AAR – Turn 9 & 10

  1. Really enjoy your AAR’s Spelk. Like you I support Vic Davis and have bought (but not played) this game, but your AAR certainly raises some red flags. The posse management of the AI seems atrocious. The deciding battles on Turn 9 were essentially suicide runs, the second of which he *already knew* was unwinnable. Not great. Also, while I really do like a lot of things about this design, it seems like in total it is pretty (overly?) simple: always play a revenue building card if you get it (no interesting choice) and then it is just set collection and hand management with relatively straightforward choices. I need to play it for myself, of course, but the AI issues in particular made my heart sink. Hopefully Vic addresses this in a patch; he typically supports his games well.

  2. Dirk, thanks for your kind words.

    I think the suicide runs are a symptom of Vic trying to make an aggressive AI reacting to a Winning situation from the opponent. I’m sure he’s mentioned he has to patch this behaviour to prevent this underpowered “charge” towards the end of a game.

    I think the funding mechanism is just one strategy you can employ, you can probably equally live off cards you sell, since to make the townsfolks turtling worth it, you have to invest in costly deeds to maximise their revenue. Have too many townsfolk in your Bunkhouse and you’ll have logistical trouble just transferring Dude’s to your Posse’s.

    I think your worries about the AI are not unfounded, however, the game is still in beta at the moment, and Vic has said he’s going to work on the AI to tune it better. I think the reckless and aggressive AI behaviour is a symptom of the comments aimed at him after Solium Infernum was released when the AI there wasn’t at all aggressive. Since Six Gun can’t rely on multiplayer PBEM cunning to carry it, he has to get this AI to a playable happy medium.

    Also bear in mind that this AAR is an example of the simplest game possible, I’m sure the interactions between AI opponents and the player become more complex and less of a desperate whitewash at the end.

    Give it a good try, I’m sure you’ll find some entertainment there even with the current AI. I’d played about 4 or 5 games before this one, and I’d mostly been beaten down by the AI and its ability to get Posse’s out quick.

  3. I’m also a supporter of Vic Davis but have only recently bought his latest game.
    Thanks for the AAR, an actually play through like this helps to cement a lot of rules/strategy/fiddly bits I was just not getting about the game.

    However, I think that the ‘suicide attacks’ by the AI are not actually that ineffective, they may lose the dudes they send in but if they have a decent pair in the hole (something I see you didn’t use in your play through and I’m not sure if the AI does) then they can force your defending posse to retreat even if the attacking posse all die; the highest poker hand controls the ‘spot’ (unless I’m seriously misreading it).

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