Six gun Saga – Lucien’s Fist AAR – Turn 7 & 8

Turn 7

El Indio has been busy on Turn 7, he’s managed to secure 8 VP’s in total by maintaining a presence in the two Story cards (Indian Uprising and Jail Break). He cashed in a couple of  cards to purchase the Hotel Deed, and he finally played an action Good Health, and boosted the Max Wounds of Roberto Canedo by 2hp.

Whilst we have a number of men in our Posse’s that cost us upkeep we’re managing to use our “resource pumps” to generate cash every turn, and we balance our books with other card sales.

From the draw last turn, we were dealt Billy the Kid, now the Kid isn’t a bad Outlaw to have in a Posse, I was more interested in his FREE Action special ‘Confidence Boost’ which allows me to add to one of my other Dude’s Gunfight Skill from 1 to 4.

I use Billy the Kid’s special on John Hardin (assuming the Kid trained Hardin a little more and was able to take his Gunfighting skills even higher than they already were). His Gunfight skill is boosted by 3.

Time to get some cash in, so I sell the Ambush card Street Thugs for an extra $3.

Continuing my love of the “resource pump” townsfolk to help ease my economy, I snap up Moe the Barkeep for $3. He will keep generating +1$ per turn, in addition to Diamond Lilly and The Old Dutchman – so I should have +3$ every turn.

With two Posse’s travelling to the Story locations, I decide to make my move and tell both the Fist and True Grit to ride in. The Fist takes on the Sam Bass Gang currently hogging the Jail Break story. We take 11 Gunfight skill points into the battle, compared to the Bass Gang’s paltry 7.

When the cards are dealt, we are also dealt a swift knockback, the Bass Gang get a Pair of Kings (as we do) but they secure the win with a Queen kicker against our 10 of spades. We get zero, and they are scored a 2. However, its not enough to push them over our initial 11 Gunplay Skill points, so they still take the difference in Wounds. 11 Gunfight – ( 7 Gunfight + 2 Win for a Pair) = 2 Wounds. A situation where a high Gunfight Skill can still cause damage, even if the opponent wins the Poker draw!

I assign the Wounds to their Gang leader Sam Bass, leaving him at 2/4 health.

The True Grit boys ride in to quell the Indian Uprising.

Col Wayne and his men (with John Hardin’s Gunfight Skill boosted to an impressive 8) sports a total of 14 Gunfight skill points to the Apache’s 10.

Another disappointment lands on my men, both sides are awarded the Flush laid straight down the middle, since all central cards are used in the hand formed, I think the Posse cards aren’t included in a Kicker decision. So neither side gains any additional points, luckily we brought 4 more points to the fight, and these are judged as Wound points in the subsequent calculation. 14 Gunfight – 10 Gunfight = 4 Wounds.

I pile 3 of the wounds onto the Apache Sharpshooter, killing him off, and the remaining point on the Warriors.

So, two Posse interceptions with only marginally favourable results. I suppose none of my men were hurt, so I should thank my lucky stars we come out of it unscathed, and we caused a little hurt to El Indio’s men.

Time to make up the cash deficit so that I can continue without any major problems next turn. I sell up the Lawman Major John B. Jones for $4.

I begin Turn 7’s draw, and pull out 4 cards, an Outlaw, a Cowboy, an Ambush card and the Railway Station Deed.

I end the turn.


Turn 8

Another busy session for El Indio, even though I picked away at his Posse’s last turn. He managed another 3 VP from the Indian Uprising and completed it! Sam Bass Gang also completed the Jail Break Story too, netting another 3 VP. He fires the wounded Apache Warriors, and seems to take a fancy to some Artillery piece.

Without any personnel changes, I balance my books easily. Moe the Barkeep being a valuable addition. Homer and Barney are pleased.

Now that his Posse’s are all back at his base, I figure its time to lay another Ambush down to spoil El Indio’s plans when they emerge again. I buy the Guns for Hire Ambush card for $2.

I place it on his middle travel spot (red circle and an ‘A’ around the Star icon directly beneath El Indio’s card). I already have the left spot spiked, so he should trigger one of them once he starts to move out. With the two previous Story cards completed, we have a new set laid down – three this time – Sunday Church, High Stakes Poker and a Routine Patrol.

Now that El Indio has lost or fired his Apache’s, there’s no reason to hang onto this Apache Canyon Deed card. If you remember, this is the card that negates the Apache’s random and infrequent tendency to do a bunk on you during the upkeep phase. I held onto the card to prevent El Indio getting his sticky mitts on it. Apaches are good fighters, I don’t want him having a reliable force of them around. When you sell a Deed card, it doesn’t go into a discard pack, but sits in the Bank pool (on the item menu) so that its available for purchase by the other players. I sell it for $3.

The Outlaw Reymundo Aguilar has a valuable special Action called Marksman that adds +3 to a Dude’s Gunfight Skill! This isn’t a variable boost, like Billy the Kid’s was earlier. This is a wholesome guaranteed 3 points! I play the Action onto my Boss Lucien.

Lucien finally hones his aim to a Gunfight skill of 8! Now I have two Posse’s where one of the Gunfighters/Outlaws present are gunning with 8 Points!

With my Posse’s still out travelling, I move True Grit onto the High Stakes Poker card, since they have a Gambler in their ranks and that is the requirement for that story.

To supplement my cash I sell the old Cowboy Crazy Ike for $4.

At the moment, our VP status is 14/30, looking at El Indio’s its currently 23/30! It looks like he is winning, because he managed to get Posse’s out quick and land them on Story cards whilst I was still rallying the troops.

If I’m to fully utilise what cards I get in the next few turns, I’m going to have to have a generous cash flow, so I snap up the costly Railway Station Deed for $7. The bonus is that it is a location that acts as a resource pump, and it generates $2 per turn. So with all my townsfolk and this card included, I’ll be raking in $5 per turn, without having to sell any cards. Looking at my Upkeep that covers all my Posse costs at the moment.

Bit worried about the VP situation, but content with my money setup, I run the Draw for Turn 8.

I draw 4 cards, an Outlaw, a Gunfighter, an Apache (Geronimo!) and a Gambler.

As I end the turn, one of El Indio’s Posse stumble onto my Ambush card trap. Welcome to Hell Sam Bass’ Gang! The Ambush card brings 8 Gunfight Skill points to the action, compared to Bass’ 7.

A poor Poker draw sees the Ambush fail as the Two Pair is awarded to Bass’ Gang with his Pair of Queens and Twos compared to our Pair of Tens and Twos. We take two wounds 7 Gunfight + 3 Win for Two Pair = 10 – 8 Gunfight = 2. However, Ambush cards don’t have any hitpoints, they’re just lost – so no Wound resolution is necessary.

Foolishly, El Indio’s next Posse to ride out, Black Bart’s Gang also runs foul of our “Guns for Hire” Ambush, with a Gunfight Skill of 7 compared to their 5.

Once again the cards are against us. Their Two Pair of Nines and Fives beats our single Pair of Sixes. 5 Gunfight + 3 Win for Two Pair = 8 – 7  Gunfight =  1 Wound.

Not a brilliant run of Combat, but some spoiling activity for El Indio. He knows I’m onto him.


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